Thursday, July 2, 2015

The internet lied to me!

I finally finished Hyrule Warriors' TP map today, and it was a LOT easier than I thought it was going to be. Literally the only two A ranks I'm still missing are the ones from the upper left corner I mentioned in a previous post. THIS was the hardest it ever got. Are you serious? Whatever happened to the "you NEED everyone to be AT LEAST level 120 to even stand a chance" everyone was saying (some people going as far as throwing the 150 figure around)? As of this writing Link and Sheik are the only ones who've reached level 120, and no one else is higher than 110. It's not like I'm an amazing player or anything, I just found out yesterday that you could delay Ganondorf's combos to make his C1 bar charge faster, making said C1 virtually spammable. I figured out a very basic thing near the end of the game*! So yeah, it's not down to me being so great.

On the other hand, I tried a few missions in the MM map I couldn't A-rank on my first go, and they're much, MUCH harder than anything the TP map threw at me. So if anything deserves that "you can't 100% it without loads of grinding" reputation (Challenge Mode notwithstanding), it's MM, not TP.

*In my defense, it wasn't that useful before the MM pack came out, because back then the bar charged so slowly and there was no invincibility on the fully-charged C1, so it wasn't worth cheesing.


  1. I knew about Ganondorf's C1 spam shortly after unlocking him. Sheik's water shield, however...

  2. Yes, but to be fair, most characters got huge buffs since the release of the map. Rumor has it that the map has been nerfed somewhat as well, though I'm not sure whether to trust that. Ultimately, it just comes down to how much you can avoid getting hit. If you're good at that, time is your only enemy. I was one of the people who said 120 is pretty much the minimum, but that was because I was taking 7+ hearts of damage from a single character even at level 110. Even if you had an easy time with the map, you still have to admit that that is ludicrous.

    1. Yeah, I had to basically never rush into an opponent. For example, what I did to beat commanders as Cia was to use C2 on mooks since it's excellent to build up the special gauge, then unload specials on the commander.

    2. Oh, and for the record, the only characters I feel have been buffed significantly with the MM and Boss packs were Ganondorf, Zant and Spear Lana. I really didn't feel much in the way of changes with anyone else.

    3. Well maybe 'most' was an exaggeration, but the most notably bad characters (with the exception of Fi) got huge buffs. Ganondorf and Zant had some of the hardest missions on the TP map, with Ganondorf's 8-bit weapon being one of the hardest on the map, if I recall.

      I don't really get how you had a harder time with the MM map, though. I blew through that at similar levels to when I was going through the TP map, and I can't recall anything in particular that gave me trouble. The TP map had several missions that were memorable to me due to difficulty, like that first Midna mission, the Zelda Imprisoned mission, the Ghirahim Rack Up KOs mission and a few divisive enemy missions. The MM map was annoying, sure, but only because there were so many item cards locked behind missions that took a set 8-10 minutes to complete, and because getting through the map involved looking for very specific missions for their mask cards.

    4. Officers are definitely more aggressive in the MM map for whatever reason, and they swarm you a LOT more. Fighting five or six of them at once is the norm, whereas the TP map was a lot closer to the others when it came to that. I've seen someone sum things up as such: enemies deal more damage in the TP map, but objectives are harder in the MM map.