Sunday, July 12, 2015

MD4 brings back hated feature

This is old news, but I just noticed it myself, so better late than never. You know how in MD3 your regular attack was absolute shit, dealing no more than 5 damage? They brought that back. What's the point of having it then? I always thought the normal attack was fairly well balanced against actual moves in the first two games, especially since you took an experience penalty if you killed something with only normal attacks.

I'm really, really torn. On one hand I'm excited for this game like I haven't been excited for a game in a while. On the other hand I can't shake that feeling that once we know everything about it, I'll be all "you know what? I'll be over there playing Explorers of the Sky". I know, it's stupid, but still. Same thing happened earlier this year when Rumble 4 came out, and I decided to pick up Rumble 2 again for shits and giggles.

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  1. Different subject... but some very tragic news. Satoru Iwata has passed away.