Sunday, May 3, 2015

Smogon tier updates for May

Which can be found right here. Turns out even Mega Gallade isn't quite cut out for OU. I smell a suspect test in UU in the near future, if not an outright quickban, since even Mega Medicham is BL. Mandibuzz fails to make the cut as well... at least it had a good run. It's not like OU has a shortage of solid Defoggers, between Lati@s, Mew, Skarmory, Zapdos and even the odd Scizor that runs it. Mamoswine is also demoted to UU, maybe due to Kyurem-B's increased popularity. This effectively leaves the latter as the only Ice-type in OU. Yes, that's right, the only OU Ice-type is the one with a BST of 700. That's what it takes for an Ice-type to survive in OU. Never has the type being so messed up been so clear. But I guess this is what happens when every freaking Water-type learns an Ice move of some sort - even Keldeo resorts to Icy Wind!

In other news, Tornadus-T continues its meteoric rise to confirm its OU placement, ranking at #26 for April. Alakazam continues changing tiers seemingly every other tier update, as it returns to OU for the umpteenth time. As for Hippowdon, it limits its absence from OU to a mere three months. And I'm no gambling man, but if I were I'd bet a little bit on Victini getting promoted soon, as it's so very close to the cut-off line.

Landorus-T has been losing several percentage points every month since the beginning of the year, and it's now only two points ahead of second place holder... Garchomp? Yeah, for some reason the thing's had a pretty huge boost this month. Not exactly sure why, though.

As for the suspect ladder, Aegislash dominates like crazy, with a 15-point lead over second place (once again Garchomp). And I know I've mentioned how well it synergizes with Landorus-I before, but how well is that? Well, it's now the most used Landorus form (and considering how bread-and-butter Landorus-T is, that's quite a feat), and it's BY FAR Aegislash's most common teammate, with second place going to Mega Lopunny, which didn't exist when Aegislash was banned. TOTALLY BALANCED GUISE. Seriously, this thing may have only gotten even better since it was banned. The most popular sets seem to involve King's Shield and three attacking moves, predominantly Shadow Ball and Shadow Sneak, but also Sacred Sword, Flash Cannon and Iron Head. Also note that no less than 15% of Aegislashes do NOT run King's Shield. I can only ask, WHY? King's Shield is the main reason why this guy's such a monster to start with!

Speaking of Aegislash, and back to the regular, non-suspect ladders, Doublade is getting promoted to UU. Seems like it's finally starting to live up to the potential many people, myself included, thought it would have when its stats were first figured out. It's now one of the best NFEs in the game, no doubt about that.


  1. Sub-Toxic Aegislash is quite deadly as well. Judging by that usage, I don't think Smogon will be keeping Aegislash in OU.

  2. Interesting to see that there are 3 dragons dropping from UU as well - Kingdra, Flygon and Noivern all going; found all 3 mostly quite underwhelming in UU personally so it'll be good to see them in RU, can't see any of them getting banned there but might spice up the tier slightly

  3. You may not be a gambling man, but that's only because GameFreak changed the text between RBY and FrLg.