Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tracks for MK8's second DLC pack announced

Probably the crown jewel out of the eight tracks is the most simple one ever made for a Mario Kart game, Double Dash's Baby Park! After being featured as a retro track in MKDS, it returns for more frustration! Of course Bowser shells aren't around anymore, that was half of the fun with this place, but oh well. Get ready for many broken controllers when you visit it in 200cc! Then we have a duo of GBA tracks, Cheese Land and Ribbon Road. Not that surprised, the GBA was the most underrepresented in terms of retro tracks so far, with only Mario Circuit present. MK7's Neo Bowser City rounds out the retro quartet.

As for new tracks, Animal Crossing was actually announced a while ago, and it will feature four variants, one for each season. Here's to hoping this is cosmetic and nothing else, because otherwise I'm pretty sure no one would like ending up on the winter version if they can avoid it (especially in Time Trial). We already have Sherbet Land covering the whole icy aspect anyway. Surprisingly, we get a second F-Zero-based track, which is naturally going to be Big Blue. Didn't expect that, I thought Mute City was going to be it - not that I'm complaining, it was one of the coolest tracks in the game anyway, complete with the recharge zone mechanic. Then we have Wild Woods and Super Bell Subway as the two tracks no one really cares about, at least until we get to play them.

As an added bonus, we also know what the four extra vehicles will be: the Streetle and P-Wing karts, the City Tripper bike (no word on the drifting type), and the Bone Rattler ATV. This last one is particularly welcome, because the only ATV that doesn't look like crap is the standard one. Then again, if you only care about function, there are karts and bikes with the same sets of stats as the other ATVs, but if you really want to drive an ATV, this'll be welcome (as long as the stats are there).

Note that I probably won't be able to try the DLC and give my two cents on it for a while, since my gamepad is currently out for repairs all the way over in Toronto. I'd say that's unfortunate timing, but the thing was still under warranty, so at least there's that.


  1. 200cc was a big surprise when they announced it, and surprisingly I think it's what I'm looking forward to the most (even though 150cc is frustrating enough). It looks so insanely fast, so I'm sure it will be lots of fun in multiplayer. It doesn't look like the base tracks were designed for it, though, as 200cc seems to make some tracks problematic.

  2. Animal Crossing does change a little bit, fall & spring add piles of leaves at the very least

    Chances are time trials will just lock it to one season (probably summer) like how Excitebike is locked to one layout.

  3. Even though Super Circuit wasn't the best game, I do look forward to playing Cheese Land and Rainbow Road with FAR better control. Rainbow Road will ALSO be a nightmare on 200cc. All four of them...

  4. I'm looking forward to playing Cheese Land and Ribbon Road in not-2D Flat Mode-7-O-Vision and with actual visuals. And with orchestrated music as well.