Monday, April 13, 2015

Of the dangers of copypasting assets from one game to another

Pokémon Rumble 4 comes packaged with a blunder of epic proportions, which has everything to do with the tendency the series has to just copypaste everything from one game to another. The first three games all featured multiplayer, and as such some moves, such as Helping Hand, the Pledges, Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare, are centered exclusively around multiplayer. Well, this one does NOT have multiplayer, but they haven't removed either those moves' multiplayer functionality, nor any reference to them. In a nutshell, Helping Hand is basically Splash in this game. Oops?


  1. So even Nintendo isn't immune from the F2P design mentality of hastily mashing stuff together and hoping people pay for it. What a joke. Is this what we're going to get now that Nintendo is going to be focusing on mobile stuff?

    1. Rumble 2 lifted a hell of a lot of stuff from the WiiWare game, and that was a full $50 retail game, not F2P. Hell, the almighty Mystery Dungeon 2 also stole a lot of visuals from the first one too.

  2. On a side note. Etrian Mystery Dungeon is pretty good so far. The only flaws I can find it is the fact that your party is pretty much doomed if anyone gets downed, because vanquishing an adventurer gives a monster a huge power boost. It makes reviving in-battle almost a death sentence unless you have a tank to take the aggro. Also, the story isn't anything deep and gripping when compared to PMD.
    But I honestly like the classic class-based JRPG elements more than Pokémon as far as Mystery Dungeon is concerned. It feels... less restrictive on how you want to build up an exploring team.

  3. Well, that tells me I should just look for Rumble Blast again. Even if it only goes up to Gen 5, it was still an adventure and a pretty good game...If one doesn't marathon the whole thing to notice it's as repetitive as any beat-em-up...