Monday, February 16, 2015

Question for Hyrule Warriors players

At least those who are farther along than I am.

How common are recommended elements in the last two Adventure maps? I have a gajillion King Dodongo Claws and was wondering if it was worth using them for the level 2 defense badges for Link, Ruto and Twili Midna.


  1. About as common as in the first Adventure map and MQ, I'd say. Maybe a little less. I'd recommend getting the defense badges for each weapon you have for a character (e.g. Light, Lightning and Darkness for Zelda), but ignore the other ones for now. Even those aren't a priority over most of the Attack badges, though.

    Honestly, I've almost stopped paying attention to recommended element. It doesn't seem to have enough of an effect to be worth it, especially when an additional 20 levels seems to be much more effective. Also, it's all too often that the recommended element and the kinds of enemies you'll be fighting don't align (like Darkness being recommended and you have to fight Cia, Ghirahim and a bunch of undead captains). Using the recommended element in those cases feels like a handicap more than anything. I try to fit into the recommended element if it's convenient and doesn't contradict the enemies, but otherwise I ignore it. If the stage is limited to Link and the Fire element is recommended, I'm still going to use the Master Sword over the Magic Rod.

    1. That first sentence is kinda weird, because every mission in MQ has at least one and many have two, whereas the first map has little to none. Anyway, I already have the badges for everyone's elements that are covered by their weapons, and I've already filled the Attack section and Farore's Wind for the characters that use Dodongo Claws. Which leaves either the item upgrades (the potion does it way better), Nayru's Love (double-edged sword) and Hornet Larvae (no thanks). Hence why I was asking if using the claws on the other elements was okay.

    2. I mean, you might as well if you think they're the best options left. I don't pay much attention to how common elemental stages are, though, so perhaps I shouldn't have answered the question. I would agree that the defense badges are better than the other options you have left, perhaps with the exception of the knockback badges (and as you said, double-edged sword. They can save you time, but you're likely to take more damage).

    3. My priorities for badges roughly go

      Weak Points
      Special attack meters
      Focus Spirit length
      Defense badges
      Special attack speed
      Guard damage
      Item power-up length