Friday, January 30, 2015

Yet another post about the MM DLC

It's said that Ganondorf got some pretty nice buffs. His C1 goes off much quicker, and is easier to charge as well (C5 apparently fills half the bar). Of course a slowpoke like Ganondorf benefits even more from Hasty Attacks than quicker, safer characters, so he might be the big winner of this update.

As expected, rescuing all four Giants grants you access to the moon (nine missions in the top-left corner). Beating the final mission there puts a stop to the countdown permanently.

There's one last 4000-KO skill that I didn't mention yesterday: Normal Attacks+, which increases the damage of all your regular and combo attacks. I'd say Hasty Attacks is better because you don't just get a DPS increase, but you also become a lot safer against enemy hits (especially slower characters), not to mention weak point gauge depletion. However, since you can have two 4000-KO skills at once... why not have both?

Majora's Mask and its fans clearly deserve each other. After all the bitching over the lack of Skull Kid, then the lack of Majora (being reminiscent of the crybabies who shat all over Ridley being more than a simple stage hazard in SSB4), my new favorite is all the whiners pissed off that Proxi is Young Link's mouthpiece and not Tatl. Since when has anyone ever given a fuck about TATL? Since yesterday, of course.


  1. To be fair, Tatl is definitely the best fairy partner in the series. Proxi is a lazy choice. All they would have to do to include Tatl is change the few in-mission dialogue statements to a more sassy tone and change Proxi's color.

    Can you only have two 4000 KO skills, or as many as you want?

    I'm glad there's a way to stop the countdown. Since the MM map doesn't seem very difficult, I don't think it will be much of a problem to make a beeline for the owl statues, and then finish off the dungeon levels and the moon as quickly as possible.

    1. They DID change Proxi's dialogue, actually. Yeah, it might've been lazy, but what does it really change? A fairy for a fairy, I can't give a damn. Also, Tatl is the best fairy partner by virtue of all the great and memorable partners NOT BEING FAIRIES. Oh well.

      Anyway. don't quote me on that, but I THINK you can only have two. Which isn't that much of a problem, I'd still take the likes of Defenseless and VS Dragon over the rest of the 4000s anyway. Aside from the Focus Spirit buff for Young Link, of course.

    2. I don't really care about the choice either (I don't have the concentration to read dialogue during a mission), I just think it would've taken one guy maybe 15 minutes to please a lot of fans.

      With the new skills, we're actually looking at 8 slots not being enough slots for a great weapon, as opposed to looking for filler skills before. No Healing (with the TP map, No Healing is actually more useful than Defenseless for A-ranks), Hasty Attacks, VS Dragon/VS Undead, Strength skills, Normal Attacks+, and all the other new ones... The new standard optimum (assuming you get two 4000 slots) would be something like:

      No Healing
      VS skill
      Hasty Attacks
      Normal Attacks+/Focus Spirit+ (if the weapon is the FDM)
      Element+ (if the element is good)
      2-3 Strength skills

    3. For A ranks, No Healing might be better by a smidge, but seriously, I never block. Ever ever ever. I just dodge all day. And when an A rank isn't needed, healing might be nice (read: Network Links, farming and assorted stuff). I got owned recently on a Network Link in the MQ map where the special rule was "no healing", and I would've cleared it no problem if I could just heal, despite being quite underleveled.

      Anyway, which elements would you recommend using a skill slot for? I've been thinking about it, but I'm not really sure.

    4. I do the same thing with dodging, I just can't get in the habit of blocking because it seems so slow in comparison. However, it seems people who have mastered the TP map say that learning to block is an essential step to managing the massive damage. I suppose it just depends on playstyle, but when I'm using an optimized weapon, it's generally while going for A-ranks, and for A-ranks you might as well be using No Healing. My farming weapons have farming skills and Network Links are either easy enough that healing isn't necessary, or there's usually a non-optimized weapon that will do a decent enough job on the map.

      As for elements, I don't have much more of an idea than you do. Darkness+ is really good, at least, because one-on-one battles with officers or commanders is where the bulk of the game's challenge lies. Light+ is often good as well. As for the others... Well, it depends. Lightning+ is good with weapons that already have juggling built into the moveset (Baton). With Water+, you're probably just better off using a Strength skill unless you need a filler skill. The added damage seems minor, but perhaps the best thing about water is that it can interrupt enemy attacks occasionally (or knock Aeralfoes out of the air, which is immensely frustrating). I honestly have no idea what benefit Fire+ could bring, because I don't think I've even noticed the explosion effect at any point in the game.

      Essentially, I'd put Darkness+ on anything that I could sacrifice a Strength skill for, except Sheik (because I rarely use C5). I'd do that for Light+, too. I'd put Lightning+ on a baton and pretty much nothing else. I'd only use Water+ if I needed a filler skill (Ruto, because Strength VI and Strong Attack+ are the only Strength skills I'd use, for example). With the limited information I have about the fire element, I'd say that I wouldn't put it on anything.

    5. The problem with Darkness is, during so-called one-on-one combat I'll often be hitting at least one trash mob more often than not, so I can't say if it can really pay for itself.

    6. I've noticed the fire explosion effect plenty of times. It's especially noticeable when using Darunia since many of his Fire attacks send enemies flying. (The explosion happens right as they're about to land) Although I thought Fire+ actually increased the AoE of the fire attacks themselves and not the explosion effect... Much less useful than I thought, then. Except maybe for Darunia.
      Honestly, even when hitting trash mobs during the battle, I still activate the darkness element pretty consistently. Heck, I think I somehow managed to activate it against several enemies at once I was accidentally juggling with while fighting an officer like twice, so I don't think it matters.

    7. Did you have the Darkness+ skill? Because I think that's what it does.

    8. Well, maybe I did... I don't pay much attention to Weapon skills aside for the obvious Stars+, Slots+ and the likes which don't affect their actual fighting abilities to be honest. Haven't unlocked the Legendary skills needed for the grinding for the "perfect weapon" being worth it yet. I did unlock Evil's Bane, but didn't feel like grinding each weapon with the locked skill yet.
      But if that's what it does, it might make it more useful then.

    9. Don't bother with Legendary, the boost you get is stupidly small, especially 1) now that there are many more skills that have a sizable impact, and 2) as you get higher in level, the Legendary boost gets lower and lower in terms of percentage, all the way to around 2% at level 200.

    10. 4k kills skills now better than the 25k kills skill. Uh. They must have messed up somewhere.

    11. Some 2000 and 3000 were also better anyway. Legendary was always for those people who value fashion over function and like the looks of level 1 and 2 weapons better.

    12. Uh ? I thought it increased Weapons' power by one star, even if it already had 5. I guess I was misinformed...

    13. It increases the weapon's base power to 300 (level 3 is 280 for reference's sake). Then each star adds 10%, so you can reach up to 450 with Legendary and 420 without.

    14. So you're really farming such a crap-ton of kills for a mere 30 Power increase ? Geez... Sure isn't worth the trouble unless the seal just so happen to be on the one "perfect" 5 Stars Level 3/8-bit weapon you're already using anyway. (Which for me I think it's the case with Ganondorf, Zant and Agitha.)

    15. Legendary is still almost certainly going to be on every completely 'optimized' weapon, because adding 30 power is still in the top 8 skills of just about every weapon. It's just a matter of whether you think 30 power is worth the fairly large time sink 25,000 KOs is.

      My strategy for Legendary was to unlock Evil's Bane as quickly as possible (by clearing weapons in the original Adventure map and then grinding Rack up KOs missions with the Master Sword), and then exclusively use weapons with 25,000 locked skills (I had at least one for every weapon by that point) until they were unlocked. Most of my weapons have Legendary floating around already.

    16. I'm not sold on adding 30 power being in the top 8. You want Hasty Attacks, Normal Attacks+, No Healing / Defenseless / Compatriot and VS Dragon / Undead no matter what, which leaves four slots. Your element of choice and your three favorite combos should be a lot more beneficial than such a tiny boost.

      I mean, that's still around 3% at level 100 and around 2% at level 200. Combo boosters don't boost all your regular attacks too, but your big moves get boosted by a hell of a lot more than that, unless you really, REALLY outlevel the content, at which point Legendary won't do much for you either.

    17. The problem is that with most weapons, there aren't enough combos that are worth using a slot on. The Fire Rod, for example. Only C3 seems to be effective at all. You might as well be powering up all of your attacks permanently if you're not going to use half of your combos.

    18. I dunno, I like his C2 for weak point gauge purposes. But I get what you mean.