Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's never mention that again.

So what I said about Smash Tour battles going toward the VS battle count? Nope, that's not it at all. The battles I had logged in before I so much as tried VS mode were those for unlocking characters. So in the end, I went back to try Crazy Orders again, and eventually I got a great attempt where I got thumped in the eighth battle just enough to have plenty of HP to use against Crazy Hand. Not sure whether drawing Palutenas as cohorts was good or bad, but they mostly just got knocked around uselessly, and I ended up unlocking ROB without much of a problem.

Anyway, quick question. Does anyone know for sure if any trophies other than the character alternate trophies and the Koopalings are obtainable only in the Trophy Shop? GameFAQs seems to claim there's 60 or so more of these, I just want to make sure that's accurate.


  1. I think gamefaqs is wrong, the only shop-exclusive trophies are the alts and most of where im checking like ssbwiki says its just the alts that are only in the shop

    1. Hmm. Interesting. Did anyone here not touch the shop at all and would like to cross-check GameFAQs' list? I did, and I don't have any of the ones that they claim is shop-exclusive, but I also have less than 100 trophies, so...

    2. I have about 650, I think i'm only missing the sonic and WFT alts and I haven't gotten them in any of the modes yet, another source which might not be as reliable but the Prima guide states the same thing

    3. Not sure what you meant exactly, are you saying the Prima guide says only the alternates (and the Koopalings and Alph) are exclusive to the shop?

    4. Yeah, the prima guide also confirms that only the alts are exlusive