Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And the gimmick of the Majora's Mask map is...

"Yeah there's a time limit per map based on battles you do (I think non-crowd enemies you kill) that wil reset the map (but not the rupees/EXP/weapons/items) you collected once you hit zero. Clearing maps with Owl statues on it removes the reset from the surrounding maps. At least I think that's what the tutorial is telling me, haven't had a chance to play through one yet."

Well at least it's not a full reset, so there's that. Still no word on the difficulty, though.


  1. Wait, so each battle is timed, killing officers reduces that time, and everything in the battle will reset once you hit zero (all initial enemies spawn again, conditions reset, etc)? So it's like the Twilight condition from the TP map, except it applies to every space until you use an Owl Statue? This is still very confusing. I'll wait until later today for clearer information.

    1. That's not what I get from it. It's not the battle that's timed, it's the map as a whole, and it resets once you've killed a certain number of officers, except for the spaces around owl statues.