Monday, December 8, 2014

You thought Nintendo was worthless at marketing?

Think again. Leave it to Square Enix to always go for bigger and better, even when the honors are dubious. I've never seen a trailer kill hype this fast. I mean, compare the crowd's reactions before and after! You can tell they were expecting the next-gen graphics to kick in any second... and they never did. But who can blame them? As one of the comments on the video says, this is the kind of thing that belonged in the realm of Twitter reveals, not PSX of all places!

Tell me, why does Square not give in already? Do they not think a proper next-gen remake would pay for itself tenfold? Especially considering the only recent title of theirs that got any kind of positive reception overall was Bravely Default, and that one was a spiritual successor to a SNES classic... they really need to get some positive press going, and nothing would be bigger than a proper FF7 remake.


  1. I find the whole thing hilarious, honestly. I never even played FF7 myself and I was still skeptical as to why they'd only make a port for the PS4 instead of an actual remake. The sheer disappointment and despair of both the audience and the internet made this whole event priceless. They nearly all looked like someone ate the delicious cake they were so looking forward to eat themselves.

  2. God damnit it's only a port, I'm crying of laughter and anguish

  3. Having just finished FF7 for the first time yesterday,I STILL don't understand everyone's obsession with it.I think it's alright,not "Best Game Ever" or even "Best In Series" tier,but playable.I didn't like the story and there are WAAAAAAY too many exploitable things and battle problems in general (Why do you betray me,Haste?),but the soundtrack is one of the best in the series and the characters are great (Development and personality-wise at least).I think it's OK.As for the crowd's reaction...Priceless.

  4. The only other time I've seen a company make a big deal of a port was Earthbound for Wii U and they had a good reason to do so considering the only other way to legally get that game was paying a shit ton of money on eBay and hope it's not a pirated copy.

  5. This is lazy. But there are people who don't mind, because "muh low poly graphics, muh nostalgia".

    1. There can't be THAT many compared to the people who want a proper remake. Especially not for a game where the graphics are so bad I've heard of someone thinking Red XIII was a stack of boxes at some point. Now I've never done that, but I can't imagine anyone longing for such primitive graphics.