Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Hyrule Warriors tier list

Well, I just got finished with the first adventure map, so it's as good a time as any to try and rank each of the game's movesets. Of course this is completely subjective (except for the obvious top tier), so YMMV and all that. Heck, everyone says Fi is absolutely horrible, but she rarely lets me down - though I have to admit she IS quite the one-move wonder. I would also like to point out that really, most of these are just degrees of awesomeness. Only the bottom tier is "avoid whenever possible", and the next one "meh". For the rest, I rarely have any qualms about using them. In addition, note that movesets aren't listed in any particular order within each tier.

Link w/ sword

Imp Midna
Twili Midna

Lana w/ Summoning Gate

Link w/ Magic Rod
Link w/ Gauntlets
Lana w/ Book of Sorcery
Zelda w/ Dominion Rod

Link w/ Horse
Impa w/ Giant Blade
Impa w/ Naginata
Zelda w/ Rapier

Link w/ Great Fairy

Lana w/ Spear
Zelda w/ Baton

Link w/ Spinner


  1. I mostly agree. For the characters I disagree on, I would move them one tier at most. I would put the Summoning Gate one lower because there's only one real way to use it (C1, followed by the upgraded combos), and the randomness kills it. I would also put Fi one lower, but you mentioned that you like her more than most, so that makes sense. One lower for Ganondorf, too. The problem with him is that you can't really safely use any of his combos. He's a great keep-clearer with C6, but only if there are no officers around, because he'll take lots of damage otherwise.

    I'd put the Book of Sorcery one higher, as I feel that trumps the Summoning Gate and is just really useful overall. There's one technique in particular that I like. If you use C4 and then dash cancel forward as soon as the walls start moving, you can use C1 to explode them before they disappear.

    Zelda's rapier might be the one exception to what I said before, because I'd put that two tiers up. A lot of people actually consider it top-tier. It's pretty much great at everything. Charged C4 clears keeps, charged C5, C3 and other uncharged moves are great for officers, her jab string decimates weak points, the WPS has a long range and can hit many enemies, and her special is one of the best in the game. The Naginata might be up one tier for me, too. It's certainly better than the Giant Blade.

    Agitha up one tier as well. Believe me, she probably has the steepest learning curve of any character, but she's not bad at all. The late stages of Adventure Mode forces you to use her a bunch, and it gave me an appreciation for her. Of course, everyone knows about C3 spamming, but you can also infinite combo with C2. Her C4 has more range than it looks, and C5 knocks enemies up into the air for the butterfly combo. Agitha's not a character I dread using anymore.

    As for Zant, I'd move him up as well. I really liked using him at first, until I discovered his extremely low damage output. That's one of his only two problems, in my opinion. The other is that he has no way to expel his meter without using one of his two C1 attacks. They're not bad moves, but you don't want to waste 10 seconds trying to get rid of that charge after one combo. Still, I don't think he's bottom tier.

    I'm guessing you didn't get a Link Amiibo for the Spinner? I'd probably place that on the Mid-Low tier. I haven't used it that much, though, so that's not really set in stone.

    Man, this game. I've played way too much of it. I'm almost 200 hours in, with the base game almost 100% completed (just need an A-rank on Boss Rush, the 500 rescues medal [260ish done], and a bunch of badges). I've completed the first Adventure Map 100%, and I'm working on the last few heart pieces of the MQ map and then some A-ranks. I have 121 Gold Skulltulas (19 missing in the TP map), and six of the reward map stages unlocked (with all A-ranked except Boss Rush). I completed Legend Mode in Hero as well. Pretty soon I'm going to have to face the reality that all I have left is the TP map... Fuck.

    1. I do that thing with the Book of Sorcery that you mentioned. Absolutely love it. Still, Summoning Gate is awesome. I don't use it the way you do though, I just spam C1 until Argorok pops up. The others are a waste of time, and the C1's attacks aren't a totally lost cause.

      Keeping Agitha on the ground? That's just having a death wish, really. That C1, man. The airborne regular attack combo actually works well against officers, and the divebomb hurts like hell. For Agitha standards, anyway.

      I already put Ganondorf down a tier because he's so vulnerable. Had it not been for that, he'd be right up there with the best.

      Hate Zant. Really really hate him. I'd go as far as to say he's got the worst moveset in the game (or at least the one I master the least). His combos look like they should hurt, but everything he does has the efficiency of a wet paper bag, including his wannabe spin2win. And he's every bit as vulnerable as Ganondorf to boot.

    2. I find most of the Summoning Gate's upgraded combos to be useful. Dodongo isn't so great, but Manhandla is awesome. The C1 version of Manhandla has the poison cloud that damages enemies but also slows them down significantly. If you use that and then get behind the cloud to do your C3 upgraded combo, you should have the time to get the shield up before enemies get to you. The seed attack at the end of that combo is DEVASTATING. Gohma isn't too great, but the lasers are quite a wide-area effect and the bombs at the end are very powerful. Argorok is obviously the best, though. I remember one time my fiance walked in while I was using that move and she was like "Are you riding on a FUCKING DRAGON!?" and then fun times were had.

    3. I wasn't saying the others were bad per se, just that Argorok fishing was so much better than everything else it got the Summoning Gate a good three or so tiers all by itself.

  2. I mostly agree as well, except that I'd lower Darunia one Tier, the Summoning Gate 2 Tiers (I hate its randomness factor and its low speed in general), and I'd raise the Gauntlets and the Dominion Rod 2 Tiers, the Book of Sorcery, Impa's weapons and Agitha 1 Tier. And finally, I agree with ShadianVise that Zelda's Rapier should be at the top.
    As for the Spinner, I'd personally put it Mid-High. Still pretty expensive for a single weapon though, so I see no problem with how you tiered it. XD

    1. Oh yeah, completely forgot Zelda's Baton which I'd raise to Average Tier.

    2. And Zant that I'd raise 1 Tier for the same reasons ShadianVise mentionned. Alright, sorry, that's all. I sure wish we could edit our comments here sometimes...

  3. That explains why my highest level characters are link (150) and Volga. (somewhere around the 120s-130s) It also helps that Volga's level 3 weapon's the EASIEST weapon to get in the master quest map. You don't even need to do a single "don't get hit" mission. (besides maybe an "all attacks are devastating" mission)

  4. I think I may have discovered something cool. If you dodge with link and and strong attack immediately out of it, you get his C2 finishing slash. I can't find anywhere else on the net about it so maybe I'm the first (or maybe I suck at using google....)

  5. Wow, yours greatly differs from mine since I only have 1 "low tier" character and nothing lower (Wizzro was originally bottom tier to me until I discovered what a monster he is against giant bosses and 1-vs-1), everyone else is middle to "ultimate" tier and I justified each in my article on IGN:

    1. I've read it and I gotta say it's pretty good.
      I do think Zelda's Rapier is kinda low because I tend wreck havoc much more with it than some of the higher-tiered weapons, but it might be because I learned how to use it effectively faster.
      My only nitpick is that you called Epona a "he", I know it doesn't affect your work at all, but Epona has always been a female horse ever since she was introduced... But I'm sure you can correct it before you get called out for it on the site itself at least, so it's no big deal.