Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The true nature of organic food

As someone who studied in biochemistry, I've always had the impression the organic food industry was Apple-like marketing at best (charge outrageous prices for products that are debatably worse than the competition), but this video (turn on the captions unless you're Dutch, of course) just showed how brainwashed some people can be. Seriously, organic food is so not-superior to any other food that one can pass off McDonald's - FREAKING MCDONALD'S - as organic food by just saying it is. "Organic food is tastier, it's better for your health, you're a fool if you don't eat some", they say. Well, I think we have at least some evidence that it's not the second coming of Jesus.

Side note: To be fair, I'm not sure what kinds of recipes Dutch McDonald's use, because it's clear that they vary depending on the country. My parents who went to Boston this summer told me American McDonald's tasted like garbage compared to Canadian McDonald's, so something to keep in mind.


  1. What I have a really hard time with is people being against GMOs. I mean, besides the fact that almost all the produce and meat we eat was genetically modified at some point in the past, there's zero evidence that it's worse for you than non-GMOs. Meanwhile, the existence of GMOs allow us to create crops that are resistant to weather and can grow in all kinds of environments, meaning we can supply cheap food to countries in need.

    I get the anger at some points. GMOs are practically synonymous with Monsanto nowadays, and their shady business practices with copyright and GMOs spreading to other farmland is disgusting. But just because one company is abusing loopholes with a product doesn't mean that the product itself is bad! GMOs are great for our society, but nobody seems to understand what they actually are.

    1. Get out of my head before you start writing out things that are in it and should stay there. :P

    2. We are your Shadow, Slowflake. Your true self...
      Anyway, I agree. Would people really risk a shortage and overpricing of food just so it all is "all-natural"? Then again, we live in a society where parents in America think they can teach their kids everything better than the people who went to college and got a Master's to teach their field...

    3. Intresting, we watched a movie about Monsanto today in class, and yes it seems that they're just in place for GMO practices, sadly most people dont see that it's modifying the genes of the plant and not spraying science sauce over crops

    4. meant to say that people seem them as all what GMOs are

  2. Kinda sucks when you live in Oregon, a state filled with nothing but people who brag about how their organic food.

    .....and how Apple is superior to Windows/Android.