Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Florida Man Starts Petition For SSB4 On Vita

Dumbass of the day right here.

The frightening thing is that this guy has enough brainpower to know something like an antitrust law exists, but not enough to figure out what it actually does. As well as everything else wrong with these few lines of text.


  1. Um didn't Sony already make a game very similar to smash bros. already, how's that in any way a monopoly?
    And of course it's a man from Florida the most bizarre things always seem to happen there...

    1. Playstation All-Stars or something like that? Yeah, that's one of the aforementioned many wrong things with this.

  2. Apparently antitrust laws mean that all developers are required to release their games on all platforms. Because logic.

  3. Dumbass of the day? Try dumbass of the Decade.

  4. I'm also seeing stories about the discovery of Mega Hoopa now. Like this one. I don't know how much to believe it though: