Sunday, August 10, 2014

More info on Mega Altaria and Mega Lopunny

According to the official site, Mega Altaria's primary stat boosts are attack and special attack, with a physical defense boost also being brought up. Man, what a waste. Altaria's so bad right now it really didn't need to split those extra points in both attack stats. Sure, you won't know whether it's physical or special (probably physical, with the presence of Outrage and Pixilate Return), but off something like 100 attack without a held item slot? It would've been a heck of a lot better had they just said screw special attack, let's jam all these points into attack instead. Or better yet, since it's a defensive Pokémon, they should've given it just enough points in attack to make Return powerful enough, and added the rest into both defenses (preferably special, because Cotton Guard).

Mega Lopunny looks a lot more promising though, with a massive attack boost combined with further added speed. Now THIS is what it really needed.


  1. Well troll freak does it again. Altaria will still be the second worst dragon type in my opinion. (Drudigon is worse) Now it might be good in uu but probably nothing besides that.

  2. Panty hose power. Why. But, if a Poke gets the attention it needs, then that would be great, though I'd say tutors will be what decides this one, possibly more than stat boosts.

    1. Odds are, most of the tutors we'll get will be already existing ones, with maybe a select few new ones in the mix.

  3. this isn't trollfreak

    now giving mega slowbro shell armour? that's trollfreak