Friday, July 25, 2014

To the old couple in the Altima...

...who was following me between Warwick and Victoriaville at 5:15 PM:

While I appreciate your attempt at assistance, me rolling at the speed limit was a conscious decision, so I didn't need you to try and push me with your bumper to make me go faster. The gas pedal wasn't optional on my car, after all.

While I'm at it, if you weren't so intent on helping me go faster and instead kept your distance, you might not have needed to go all the way on the reverse lane to see the incoming traffic, thus not needing to jeopardize your own safety to see that it was a terrible idea to pass me.

By the way, those double yellow lines on the road? They mean DO NOT EVER OVERTAKE. They're there for a reason.

And finally, turn signals can, in fact, be turned off. So after backing off of an ill-fated attempt to pass me, you don't need to keep it flashing for five minutes.


  1. Geez... people need to realise that the Speed limit is what it says on the sign and not a few miles an hour over it. That problem is pretty much everywhere.

  2. And this is partly why I have a huge mental block for getting my driver's license... Really freaking suck that I ended up wasting all that money on lessons just to be way too scared to give a call for my final exam. Then my temporary license got expired sooner than I expected and I was just... fucked.
    Also I could get excited about the fact that you went to or near Victoriaville considering it's the closest relatively big city from where I live, but my brain is telling there'd be absolutely no point even if we could meet. Guys, how do I fanboy again ? Nah, just kidding. I really should stop typing stuff on the internet past midnight... Nah screw it, let's publish that crap.

  3. Man, I barely ever drive - I learned how to do it two or three years ago! = and I still feel like I'm better at it than half the people on the road.

    1. Also: Driving safely =/= Rocket science
      Why is it so hard for people to drive competently?