Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TheSpeedGamers' 2014 Pokémon marathon, coming soon!

I've been waiting for this one since the day X and Y were first announced, and now it's almost time! Those events inevitably turn into epic barnburners, so this is one marathon you won't want to miss! Fortunately, there's going to be a LOT of it. A week, to be exact, starting this Friday at 7 PM Eastern, 6 PM Central, 4 PM Pacific, midnight GMT. As per tradition, the crew will attempt to catch every currently available Pokémon within that time. All 718 of them! But there's an added twist, just to raise the stakes even higher...

During the marathon, funds will be raised (in fact, you can already donate right now) for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and while there's a main goal of $50000, a multitude of stretch goals have been set. Each time one of them is met, not only will all the Pokémon be caught in the traditional sense (one Pokémon for each evolutionary line, barring split evos), but a living Pokédex will also be created for each generation - $20000 for gen 1, $30000 for gen 2, all the way to $70000 for gen 6. Because getting them all wasn't challenging enough, right?

To get to their website, click on the banner above, and for all the details on the event, check out this blog post. And yes, we will get promoted by many of the major fansites once again, so let's leave the arguments over which one is best at the door, okay? Else I will be forced to do something terrible again!


  1. Something to listen to while I do stuff. These guys need more recognition.

    1. You know it's bad when TSG, a non-profit charity organization, is less famous than YouTube-famous people who profit from their underserved fame such as PDP, giancarloparimango11, etc.