Friday, June 6, 2014

Suddenly I feel a lot less stupid.

Remember how I said I didn't realize you could nosedive while in air segments? Judging by the amount of people I've seen claim that they can't take that turn near the end of Bone-Dry Ruins, seems like I'm not alone. Of course it might be a lot nastier on outward drifters, but still, can it be THAT bad even with nosediving?

Also, it turns out my suspicions about traction being really good on Sherbet Land were accurate. The world record for that track was made with the Badwagon on Hot Monster tires, and the character selection for the earlier world records were all over the place, anything from featherweights to cruiserweights. Currently it's a middleweight that has it (that being Daisy), which makes me think it's a matter of "how much traction can you give up in exchange for speed while still being able to take the optimal lines?" The good news is that it doesn't screw me over nearly as much as N64's Sherbet Land in MKW, which was easily my worst track in that game, so my favorite setup here isn't as hindered as Flame Runner and Mach Bike users were then.

Finally, quick question for whoever uses outward-drifting vehicles: is there any difference whatsoever between a kart and a bike that have the same stats (for example Biddybuggy/Landship vs. Mr. Scooty)?


  1. the turning and size, i'm assuming

    i think bikes take sharper turns in general (or at least have the ability to) and i swear i've fit through smaller areas with a bike than a kart with the same character on the same course.

    1. The sharper turns are the inward and outward drifting he mentioned...
      Personally, I'd go with the one that has inward because I feel it controls much better when drifting...

    2. I wasn't talking about outward vs. inward, especially since no outward vehicles have the same stats inward bikes have anyway. I was talking about outward karts vs. outward bikes with the same stats.

    3. Ahh I see, my mistake. I hadn't used bikes a ton so i just assumed they all had an inward drifting ability.

    4. No, about half of them do, just like in MKW.

      Anyway, no problem. I've read there were no differences between ATVs and karts, so I'm assuming it's the same for outward-drifting bikes.