Thursday, June 12, 2014

All staff ghosts beaten!

I'll be honest, I was expecting more of a challenge. It was tricky sometimes to push the limits of what I could do, but once I got a good run going I won by several seconds every time. My personal favorite is beating the Sherbet Land staff ghost by over 10 seconds with a paltry 1.75 traction. Here are my times, just for reference's sake. Don't expect anything amazing - in fact, if you can't beat at least half of these, you need more practice, to put it nicely. (Also, if you want to pummel my ghosts themselves, just send a friend invite my way!)

1:49.182 - Mario Kart Stadium
1:53.467 - Water Park
2:04.357 - Sweet Sweet Canyon
2:06.009 - Thwomp Ruins
2:02.984 - Mario Circuit
2:22.163 - Toad Harbor
2:12.508 - Twisted Mansion
2:15.410 - Shy Guy Falls
2:19.854 - Sunshine Airport
2:15.679 - Dolphin Shoals
2:18.390 - Electrodrome
2:02.633 - Mount Wario
2:22.661 - Cloudtop Cruise
2:09.921 - Bone-Dry Dunes
2:19.110 - Bowser's Castle
2:21.927 - Rainbow Road
1:38.047 - Moo Moo Meadows
1:38.612 - GBA Mario Circuit
2:02.975 - Cheep Cheep Beach
1:58.024 - Toad's Turnpike
2:18.549 - Dry Dry Desert
1:33.858 - Donut Plains 3
2:11.530 - Royal Raceway
2:22.179 - DK Jungle
2:09.986 - Wario Stadium
2:10.548 - Sherbet Land
2:13.935 - Music Park
2:15.850 - Yoshi Valley
2:04.865 - Tick Tock Clock
2:18.796 - Piranha Plant Slide
2:14.044 - Grumble Volcano
1:29.847 - N64 Rainbow Road


  1. Something I find funny is that N64 Rainbow Road is the shortest track in this game despite being notorious for its ridiculous length in the original version.

    1. Just to be anally retentive, though, it's really the second longest track behind Mount Wario, it's just a one-lap race.

  2. Unless I'm totally misinterpreting "friend invite" in my half asleep state, I guess I'll add you, since I think you've beaten a couple of my times, making me curious what I could have done better, and since I still need to do most of the ghosts, having some more challenging than the staff ones would be nice. So, thanks for the ghosts!

    1. Umm... slight problem. Assuming I didn't somehow get the wrong NNID, either I'm hallucinating, or you never actually uploaded any (or all) of your ghosts to Miiverse, meaning I can't "pummel them myself." Luckily, there's an option to upload your current ghost data when you select a track, and I wanna say you don't have to actually post a message on Miiverse either, but I'm not 100% sure (just hit the b button when the game asks you to write). If I have a ghost for Cheep Cheep Beach with a time of 2:02:177, I believe, then my guess is correct.

    2. You're already on my friend list, so that's not it. I tried uploading the Cheep Cheep Beach ghost again (with the time I mentioned in my initial post, I have no idea where that 2:02.177 comes from). Maybe you can only have a limited amount of friend ghosts to choose from?

    3. Sorry, that was referring to my time (I'm having one of those days, I guess, where I say things in a confusing manner). I guess I don't know how to access friend ghosts, then, if you've already uploaded your ghosts. To Google!

      Sorry again for the confusion.

    4. Let me try again, but by posting to Miiverse.

    5. (late response, yay) Huh, now I see your ghost for Cheep Cheep Beach, but just that one... Granted, I haven't looked at every single track, but I've looked at several, and Cheep Cheep Beach was the only one of your ghosts that appeared...

    6. Then that proves it, you have to post on Miiverse for friends to see your ghost, every single time you make one. Why do companies feel forced to shove this social media bullcrap so far down our throats?