Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Speed Gamers' Indiethon begins this Friday!

To say I'm not very savvy when it comes to the indie scene would be a euphemism, but you know what? I don't care. TSG has a reputation for putting on a show that goes well beyond the games being presented, and I'm sure this event will be no exception. Said event was delayed by about a month for reasons I think I was told but forgot anyway, but it's finally getting underway this Friday at 7 PM Eastern, 6 PM Central, 4 PM Pacific, midnight standard time, etc. I don't think the schedule and game list have been made public yet, but I'll update this post when they do (unless I'm stupid and I just missed it, in that case please let me know!). Pretty sure Spelunky and Super Meat Boy are going to be showcased for very obvious reasons, though. Ergo, that banner above which will take you straight to TSG's new website!

Money raised during this event will go straight to Direct Relief, a name that should ring a bell among TSG fans - it's the charity that was unfortunate enough to be associated with the Star Wars marathon back in 2011. We can do better than 11k this time, right? Sure, this will only last 75 hours (unless it was a typo on TSG's front page and it's really 72 as usual), but we have all the reasons in the world to be optimistic. Our old friend Local seems to be, at least:

This event is going to be seriously crazy. I know you guys probably thinking we're just hyping, but we're not. This is the biggest and most ambitious event we've ever done and it has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of new people.

I'm reading this over and over, and I can't help but feel my body trembling because it cannot contain the ready. Hundreds of thousands of new people... if they don't destroy the blessing of our relatively troll/idiot-free community, I can't possibly object, can I?

Edit: Schedule is up! Click the "Schedule" button to the right of the chat to see it.


  1. First! Nah, just kidding. Hope this isn't the sort of shit that will end up all over the TSG forums.

    1. Or worse, we get armies of PewDiePie/Markiplier/flavor-of-the-day talentless hack zombies. We're just about united in our hatred of these, though, so they're NOT going to feel welcome.

    2. There are 721 reasons why we're better than PewDiePie and his fans, but the one I'll list is that we have more complex dialogue than "BARREL"

    3. Our RELATIVELY troll/idiot-free community? Uhhhhh.... I know I shouldn't be so paranoid or have such a low self-esteem, since I've done nothing wrong, but am I one of the few idiots, perchance?

    4. No, you're seeing things that aren't there. The word was just to give myself some breathing room, because I don't recall ever seeing the kind of stuff that's expected out of the internet, but that doesn't mean it's not there.

    5. "When's Chugga coming on!!??"
      Gotta love how that one guy was trolled hard, being told that Chugga would only come on if no one asked for him (of course, it only made things worse "I'm sorry Chugga!")

    6. I was talking about the forums. By some divine miracle none of these people EVER sign up for the forums.