Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The quest for Nita: Team complete!

My streak of bad luck had to end sometime, as I obtained a Speed Boost + Baton Pass Torchic with all four perfect IVs not long into today's session. So now that the breeding's over, the next part is the equally exciting EV training phase! Woohoo! I'll be going into the Connecting Cave for this, since most horde battles there give speed, which everyone needs, or HP, which Durant and Blaziken need. I'll be planting some Pomeg berries as well, since Heracross is probably going to end up collecting some HP EVs, and I only want to give it four. After all that's done, I'll still have to complete their movesets and raise them to level 50, which shouldn't be hard at all.

So, I guess I'll update you again when I'm ready to tackle the Battle Maison proper!


  1. I only ever use Super Training for my EV training. I think it's quicker than fighting horde encounters and it's more convenient for me as there's no chance of finding the wrong horde.

    1. One horde with Pokérus = 10 EVs on everyone

      Level 3 Super Training = 12 EVs on one Pokémon

      Nope, not worth it.

    2. Hordes are fine if you're EV training the same on all your pokemon like you are, but for me when I tend to EV train differently, I can't use the EXP share or the EV's will get messed up. That's when Super Training comes in.

    3. Hordes are also fine for something else. Guess who found a shiny Stunky?

    4. Hordes are the best way to EV train, by far, as long as you have the equipment for it. Otherwise, Super Training is a more than acceptable alternative, as you can still EV train much faster than you could in previous generations.

    5. I've found Shiny Skorupi, Nidoran and Foongus through hordes. With Chain Fishing, Hordes and the new shiny odds, Shiny's aren't as special as they were unless I find one without any of those things.

    6. Ever since gen 4, and I dare say even gen 3 emerald, EV training has been fast with the right equipment, but noobs still never stop b***hing that it takes too long.