Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The quest for Nita: The boring part

Turns out EV training these babies was more of a journey than I first thought. I'd gone to the Connecting Cave with the intention of primarily raising speed while making a bit of headway into HP, then erasing what Heracross gained in the latter. After all, Zubat was the speed dispenser in question, and we all know how common Zubat usually is. Well... for the first time in my life I found myself screaming at the game to give me more Zubats. Whismurs, Whismurs everywhere. So since THAT didn't work, I went to route 8, where Wingull and Taillow both give Speed. Things were going nicely, until it started raining. And as I soon found out, Sweet Scent DOESN'T WORK IN RAIN. Why, Gamefreak? I decided to move to route 11, with Stunky and Starly being the local speed EV dispensers, and I quickly got acquainted with one of the reasons why EV training with horde battles is so much better than Super Training.

I managed to complete the speed segment of my EV training there, and went back to the Connecting Cave to finish off HP. Then I tried going to route 19 to raise Heracross' attack, since both Arbok and Weepinbell give two attack EVs apiece before Pokérus... AND IT RAINED THERE TOO. I never told you the story of how painful evolving my Sliggoo was, especially since it stopped raining the millisecond before I triggered the random encounter that would've made it reach level 50, and it wasn't raining anywhere else... AND NOW IT'S RAINING ON HALF THE MAP. Super. So I went to route 20 and committed a Trevenant genocide.

After that it was a matter of raising all three to level 50, and since the Battle Château was stingy with the furisode girls today I decided to pay the E4 a visit (actually, two visits), since I had done barely any work towards the "beat the E4 x times" achievements. (Speaking of achievements, just breeding my team gave me both the Egg Elite and Egg Aficionado achievements, and for some stupid reason claiming your Discount Coupon counts as using a Pokémileage Club attraction, which gave me the corresponding achievement too.) So now everything's at level 50, which means I'm finally ready to do battle! I can't wait to see all the ingenious, frustrating ways the game will invent to screw me over...


  1. Wait, since when are achievements a thing in this game? I've played through it from beginning to the end of the postgame, and I don't remember seeing anything like an achievement list.

    1. That's because they hid the whole thing on the Global Link.

    2. Ha. In that case, I don't care enough to try going for them.

  2. I found out that using rain dance doesn't work. You HAVE to level up sliggoo in a raining area to evolve it. Isn't that funny?