Friday, November 1, 2013

Latias and Latios round out the mega evolution tally

I'm sure you all know that by now, so I'm not going to go into great detail. However, I will admit that these were about the last Pokémon I expected to have a mega evolution, because they already have their species-specific item with the Soul Dew, which grants stat boosts that add up to around 150 base stat points, compared to mega evolution's flat 100. What they intend (or intended, rather, since their code is already written) to do with these remains a mystery, though. Three major possibilities spring to mind, though: a typing change, an ability change (that would radically change the way they're played), or something to differentiate the two more than they are now, like what the Therian forms did for the genie trio. Or any combination of these three, really, since they're not mutually exclusive. Or maybe it's an attempt at spicing up OU play with them, which may well backfire considering that they're huge powerhouses from the start, and their Mega Stones can possibly join the Soul Dew on the banned item list.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll find out any of this any time soon, because I've been told by a few people that... well, I'm utterly inept with technology, so I couldn't make out jack, but what I can gather from what little English these paragraphs contained is that we can literally only know the appearances of the event Pokémon and Mega Lati@s. There's no way to chuck Master Balls at them and stuff them with Rare Candies to see their base stats, abilities and so on. So as it turns out, actual datamining is still a long way away. But hey, that's a start, I guess.


  1. So, I am guessing it either has to do with the Soul Dew, or the Latiosite/Latiasite are event exclusive?...

  2. HOENN C-- I can't even. It is interesting that both Mega Latios and Mega Latias look the same from those images. I'd be pretty surprised if they were intended to look the exact same, but it's possible maybe. It might be that these Mega Pokémon were scrapped late in development, and they never got around to deleting the Latios model. A fair amount of stuff was coded in the games that never got utilized (like the infamous Azure Flute). Maybe there will be a patch later that reskins Mega Latias and lets it be released as an event (hire me Game Freak). Now that they have already patched X and Y, the sky's the limit. Or perhaps this "discovery" is a hoax in some way, as high-quality as it seems. That, or there could be later games that need to be compatible with X and Y battle-wise that will allow for Mega Lati@s to be obtained.

    Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I wanted Mega Latias to look a bit closer to this:

    1. Maybe they'll patch it... after all, they did say they wouldn't ADD new content, but they never said they wouldn't FIX existing content. Loophole!

  3. The way I understand this discovery is they found the pokemon data packets that the GTS uses (pretty much exactly how it was in gen 4 & 5 but the packets themselves are a little larger now or something) and can sort of tweak them from there to get the legends (and these two) to show up.
    Note this is all very broad and I'm sure leaves out specific details but...

    They also got AZ's Floette (or black floette or whatever you want to call it), 2 Vivillon patterns (probably be special give aways for miscellaneous pokemon center events), Fairy Arceus (spoiler its pink) and spawned a Mew because why not.

    I think they can also spawn them into Pokemonamie? I remember seeing images of Volcanion in there at least.

    Also it's weird how the /only/ Pokemon in that trademark list from a while back that didn't get a mega evolution was Jynx. I think the person said that the Lati were the only 2 he found, unless others are just super duper hidden. Wonder if Jynx being on there was just a coincidence or an idea scrapped during development.

  4. They look the same and are purple? It seems like they fused them.