Friday, October 18, 2013

I am officially a terrible human being.

Totally forgot TSG's Halloween marathon was going on until half an hour before it started. I bet you'll never guess why! This has to be the worst timing possible for the marathon, aside from last weekend of course. Remember, when they scheduled this event X/Y wasn't even announced yet. Anyway, this time they're raising money for Heifer International... not Hefner International as poor Britt said it was. Goal's lower than usual, and I suspect it's because a Halloween marathon is a harder sell than a specific franchise (as the crew often points out), and, well, POKÉMON. Still, $8000 seems pretty doable. But for that, we need help! Unfortunately, we seem to be lacking in terms of renameable rat women this time around... let's see if we can surmount this enormous handicap, okay?

Edit: Well, nevermind that... though most of the donations were made by one guy, to be fair.

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