Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Datamining would've been great right about now

So we're just getting around to getting some accurate readings on the base stats of the new Pokémon, among other things, and guess what? Turns out Gamefreak may have tinkered with old Pokémon's stats. And I think this is for real, because all accounts of such a thing happening report a +10 boost to a single stat. I've heard Ampharos' and Forretress' defense, as well as Wigglytuff's special attack, were subject to such boosts. You know what this means? We're going to have to go through all this tedious process with no less than 649 Pokémon, about a quarter of which won't be available until Pokémon Bank comes out. And this all happens in the generation where the all-powerful tool that is datamining is no longer available. I guarantee that if it was, we would've known all of these boosts days before release.

Another fun effect of the generation still being in its infancy is the hilariously hasty current iteration of Pokémon Showdown's gen 6 ladder. One outlandish comment I've heard about it is that Life Orb Mega Mewtwo Y was much too good for ubers. Can you spot the mistake? Yeah, that's how inaccurate simulator play is right now. Of course no one can expect to get all of these things right in a matter of days, but still, passing judgement on Pokémon over what amounts to little more than a diversion is not a good idea. This all reminds me of the early days of Shoddy Battle, where Pokémon, moves and abilities were missing, and Close Combat was glitched and had 240 power, causing Primeape to have just about the only fifteen minutes of fame it would ever have. (Hard to believe it would move on to be so good it would cause Smogon's Competitor to be permanently canned during development.)


  1. Why is datamining impossible? Are the 3Ds cards unhackable?

  2. I'm honestly really impressed that Nintendo made the 3DS software so tough to crack. I suppose top-notch encryption is a must now that they are encouraging people to download games on plain old SD cards (btw thanks for that, Nintendo). But still! Anyway, if anything will get the hackers (more) serious about figuring this stuff out, surely these new Pokemon games will.

    ...I really just want to know what the event Pokémon will be like. :(

  3. Maybe somebody can ask game freak for a list of all the base stats.

    As if GameFreak would tell us these things themselves.

  4. Would we be able to see the stat changes from transferring over old pokemon? I would think that a pokemon from 5th gen would automatically get its stat boost once it's transferred to the Bank.