Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2: Leaky ceilings everywhere

I guess this should go without saying, but even though one leaker was for real, that won't stop others from trying to fool you. I got a tip regarding this guy, but it doesn't look really believable. Why would he have screenshots from both the Japanese and English versions, especially when it seems like the guy's German? Why would he have two starters when he made it sound in one of the screenshot's comments like he could only use one? Why would he conveniently cut off the name and typing of Fennekin's final form? And more importantly, what the hell is up with that Chespin final form?

These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourselves, especially when the quality just isn't up to par with what yesterday's guy managed to put out.

Edit: Scratch that, he has ALL THREE starters, and he claims Froakie evolves into the same thing these screenshots from the other day had. Wait, so those were REAL? ...Maybe? I mean, it's not in the exact same pose as last time, so, um, guys, this might be real. Just saying. (Edit to the edit: These are real. Holy crap Chesnaught caught me with my pants down. If you claim you expected this, you are LYING.)

Edit 2: Oh, by the way, remember how I wondered how the hell Quilladin was going to evolve into Grass/Dark? If this is real, we have our answer: it doesn't. WPM's source fucked this up and got the secondary typings backwards. Meaning Trollfreak, being Trollfreak, took the incredibly common request of a Fighting/Dark/Psychic trifecta to cancel out the first type's weakness, and then TURNED IT BACKWARDS, strengthening those weaknesses instead. Goddammit, Trollfreak.

Edit 3: Bunnelby's evolution is the most hilarious thing ever. At least the vendor trash Pokémon is useful for comic relief! Also, remember how Helioptile's Dry Skin makes it suck against the sun it's supposed to thrive in? It's turned up to eleven through its evolution having SAND VEIL. (Edit to the edit: And it evolves using a Sun Stone. Talk about all over the place.)

Edit 4: Rumor corner: Water Shuriken, Greninja's signature move, is a physical priority multi-hit move with 15 power. The catch? Given Greninja's stats, it looks like a prime candidate for a 252 SA / 252 Spd / 4 HP spread, meaning it should be renamed Water Tickle. Oops. I mean, sure, it has priority, but still, that's weak. And inconsistent. And maybe even inaccurate, they didn't say anything about that. Remember, it's still a rumor, but one worth keeping in mind.

Edit 5: Chesnaught's signature move is a Protect clone that also injures contact attack users. Interesting. Of course, its low special defense makes it far more prone to attacks from that side of the spectrum, so hitting it with physical attacks might not be the best option anyway, making the move's worth a bit less interesting.


  1. Not defending the alleged fakes, but keep in mind that a lot of the info is seemingly coming via the livestreams which likely are using webcam type things instead of a capture device. Of course, it would be a lot more credible if there were MOVIES of these pokemon and not just images (a few seconds of animation suffices as far as I'm concerned, enough that faking it is too much effort)....That said, I did see a youtube clip and it seemed like something out of a poke contest, and it had the apparent final form of Fennekin, and said leak has been going around. So I guess the point is, be wary and skeptical by default and let the evidence prove it. What I don't get is, why is that people want to say "hey this is real" (whether it is or not irrelevant), but always show a pokedex entry or during idle animation in battle. If you want to be credible, show it in AN ACTION (pokedex pic is for better visual).

  2. I'm loving Chesnaught, I'll give GF that.

  3. This pretty much summarizes all the leaks fairly well:
    Spoiler alert of course, but yeah. Found when was furiously F5:n Smogons Leak -topic.

  4. Goddammit, GameFreak. You mess up the trifecta, OK, but you also make Greninja look cool? Fennekin's final form, Delphox or whatever, looks boring in comparison. So it's either going to be a Delphox/Blastoise combination in-game, or Greninja/Charizard. I don't want to use Charizard, so I guess I'm still sticking with Delphox.

    I love all of the final evolutions, though. All three of them look cool and have cool, fairly unique typings.

    1. Yeah, that's more than can be said for the Unova starters. Chesnaught was unexpected, sure, but ugly? No, not really.

  5. Helioptile's evolution looks pretty much like what I figured it would look like. I been saying since I first saw him that he will evolve into one of those lizards with that retractable neck skin.

  6. I've seen some pictures of a supposed Mega Gengar. No details as of now. But great Game Freak... as if Gengar wasn't already powerful you make it even more deadly.

    I just want you all to know that I totally called it.
    All three look cool. Digging it! I think I'm going to settle for Froakie, but it's a tough choice this time. I really like Chesnaught but I really want to pick Bulbasaur as well...