Friday, September 20, 2013

When Double Dragon meets Phil Collins

Some video game songs can bear a striking resemblance to conventional music. Whether it's Robo's theme from Chrono Trigger and Never Gonna Give You Up, or Elec Man's stage and Journey's Faithfully, such incidents are bound to happen eventually.

However, I've run into a weird occurence: a remix of stage 2 from Double Dragon 2 that sounds more like Easy Lover than it does the song it's supposed to represent. And having played Double Dragon 2 a long time ago myself, I can assure you that the original has NOTHING to do with Easy Lover.


  1. I'm personally a fan of Phoenix Wright's Cornered and the Cheetahman II theme.

  2. Being a big fan of Phil Collins, I heard about this about a month ago, and while the first link that did sound quite a bit like Easy Lover, but the NES (and arcade) version does not really have any kind of similarities at all to Easy Lover, apart from the 00:26 bit sounding a bit like the intro to it, and the bit at 00:30 sounding like the chorus (the 'no you'll never change it, so leave it' part), but that may just be my brain trying to hear Phil Collins.