Friday, August 16, 2013

Mindblowing paradox of the day

What would a Space Funeral creepypasta look like?


  1. What brought this up?...
    I know not. Maybe some cheesy attempt at psychological horror, with NPCs dying horrible deaths, blood everywhere, and the protagonists having a horrid fate worse than Death? No failed attempt at psychological horror would be complete without random jump scares for no reason, of course...

    1. Blood everywhere? How's that any different from what Space Funeral already is?

    2. (shrugs) I dunno. I did not do any research on Space Funeral. I just went by the kind of crap I usually see pop up in creepypastas. For a different flavor of "creepy", what mood or whatever would be the exact opposite of Space Funeral?...

    3. A really cheerful kind of game with normal-looking characters, for one thing.

      Space Funeral isn't a very long game, about an hour or so. DeliciousCinnamon LPed it if you want to check out what kind of game it is.

    4. All I know about it is that it is one of those indie RPGs...Though beyond that, I can draw some vague parallels to Ib based on what the TV Tropes page says. Vague...