Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mainstream sites truly do ruin everything.

A long-time regular of mine, sarcasm and cynicism grandmaster and owner of a time machine (as described a few posts below) NicoCW made up this piece a little while ago to poke fun at desperate Broenns. Of course we can't have nice things on the internet, so it found its way to Pokémemes (Nico didn't post it himself to be fair, some attention-starved failure of humanity did), and, well, the result was to be expected. Jesus Christ people are dumb.

Remember that time when a little snippet of my White 1 LP made it to Memebase's front page? Thank GOD it didn't take off like this thing did (just look at the amount of likes, dislikes and comments, ouch).


  1. This is like when I once saw someone raging about a person on miiverse suggesting zubat for the new smash bros. The internet simply does not understand parody/sarcasm.

  2. Seems on par with the Half-Life 3 jokes to me...

  3. Saw it on Pokémemes without even knowing it had been made by NicoCW, still knew it was a joke. People over there are dumb, that's undeniable, but I'm still part of the community because I really find watching them cry and whine over nothing entertaining.

  4. If anyone has info on the person who submitted that to Pokememes, inform Nico so he can Falcon Punch the person in the face or something.

    1. Yeah, he said on his Tumblr he was none too happy about that.

  5. The entire cheezeburger network is a worthless mass of circlejerking shit. Just as bad as 9gag.