Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Here's the likely stat spread for Sylveon

This is going off a series of assumptions and damage calculations made through this video, as well as the 95 HP discovery from a few days ago:

95 HP, 110 Atk, 60/65 Def, 60/65 SA, 130 SD, 60/65 Spd

The special defense one seems especially obvious, considering Sylveon barely took more than half damage a Life Orb + rain-boosted Hydro Pump from Politoed. Locating the 110 is a bit more tricky, but the most likely stat for it is attack. Why? Well, Draining Kiss did about a third worth of damage to Politoed, and the Pok├ębeach leaker claimed it had 60 power. And as it turns out, if Draining Kiss was special it'd be hard-pressed to do that kind of damage through Politoed's superior special defense stat. Besides, it's a kiss move, which means physical contact and everything. Naturally, we can forget Draining Kiss doing that kind of damage off a stat of 60 or 65, regardless of whether it's physical or special. Which leads to this hypothetical stat spread.

And honestly, do you really care which one of the remaining three is 60, as opposed to 65? Thought so.


  1. Well, at least it has a good defensive stat along with its good HP so it'll be able to take hits on the special side (unless it ends up getting no useful support moves to back up its possible role, but I'll save that for when the real stat spread is fully confirmed). Hopefully it will still be better than Flareon.

    1. Then again, that's not saying much...

    2. I'm betting on it having a shit physical movepool, just like every other Eeveelution.

    3. Good thing I was not even planning on using it. If there is a Thunderstone, then I will use Jolteon. If not, then no Eeveelution will be used by me in Y...

    4. With that Spec Def and decent HP it could be a decent supporter with the standard Eeveelution support moves (Wish, Yawn etc.)which eevee gets as egg moves. And remember this thing is immune to dragon so it might end up being a good special wall and a possible Latios counter. Also we have no idea of what standard moves fairy types will get. Maybe it will have Recover, or Thunder Wave.

  2. Yay another physical attacking Eeveelution! And this one might not just be made for passing setups like Leafeon. Looks promising =) (If cosmic power becomes a fairy move, well, that will be awesome to baton pass)