Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love and friendship only work in the anime

Don't believe Karen's lies!

(Another great thing about this is that it highlights how silly the notion that Eevee should never evolve into a Normal-type because it's already one is.)


  1. How did he make it all the way to Lance with just an Eevee, again? He could have at least evolved it into Jolteon...or Vaporeon...I am certain it does not have its Dream World Ability, so Espeon is out...

  2. Well, love and friendship are how Eevee evolves into Espeon and Umbreon. The stupid thing would be maxing out its happiness and still not evolving it

  3. Me and my bro having fun with the parenthesised line:
    Wait a moment...

    (Couldn't make proper links so you'll have to copypaste)

  4. Funny co-incidence about this being about Eevee considering they've just announced an event Eevee that knows Sing. Could be useful... if Sing's accuracy wasn't atrocious.

    1. And if it was legal with egg moves and DW abilities. Which it isn't.

      But yeah, we all know how much of a smash hit Grasswhistle Leafeon is, right?