Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've been living a lie for the past 10 years

Remember when I said you needed to use New Game + in Wind Waker to complete the Nintendo Gallery of Unparalleled Tedium?


Apparently that's what everyone else was thinking, though... I wonder how stuff like this takes TEN YEARS to get to a point that's not even worth calling common knowledge. You'd think that in this era of internet everything would be figured out in two months...


  1. You underestimate the stupidity of our race, Slow...

  2. To be fair, how many people are actually willing to even attempt the Nintendo Gallery?

  3. I'm more surprised someone cared enough to try. Goddamn, if that isn't the most tedious sidequest in any Zelda game ever... It's nice to know, though. If I ever attempt to complete the gallery, I'll want an accurate list of every missable and when to take the picture. I'm not sure such a list even exists, not one that's completely accurate.