Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A step up from pastries + Sylveon mystery continues

According to Serebii, the official site now refers to Mewtwo's new form as the Awakened form. And since I can't find anything on the English site, it's probably a Japanese thing. Which begs the question: where does this whole Éclair thing come from? Maybe both words are similar in Japanese? Who knows?

In other news, this picture has popped up, and despite the outlines, it does little to hint at Sylveon's typing, aside from the pink color which is most commonly associated to the Normal type, and a shape that resembles a wing near the bottom, which suggests Flying. So guess what? We're at the exact same point as we were two months ago! Just super.


  1. the fact that it is shaped in an egg kind of bothers me. every other outline has to do with its type so what could an egg mean? Sylveon's whole theme seems to be pink, hearts, and eggs. the only types with a pink color scheme are psychic, poison, and normal. we already have a psychic so i think im going to go with it being poison type. it could be a flying normal mix which would explain the features. oh well. only time will tell.

  2. I'm way too busy drinking the pissy Mewtwo fanboys's tears to care about Sylveon right now. Since they being such whiny bitches to GameFreak about that new form, I'm going to sit back and enjoy it much more than I would ever do under civilized circumstances.
    I'm sorry if I sound really selfish and close-minded, but my patience has run dry and they annoy me with their supposed "ruined childhood" and other craps like that. I sincerely apologize to the reasonable people who still simply dislike the idea of Mewtwo having a new form.

  3. The whole cutsey heart thing is very much a Normal-type thing, but that wing shape is strongly implying to me that it's a Flying-type. Here's hoping that it's not Normal-Flying, as that's an extremely boring typing nowadays. I'm surprised they've kept it under-wraps for so long, it looks like they're really holding it back to build up hype.

    I'm still hoping for an Electric-Psychic Mewtwo. If it's a new form, then I suspect it will still be called Mewtwo, which would be interesting. I personally don't like the appearance of the form, though. Mewtwo looked much more badass to me.

  4. Did you listen to the Japanese trailer? Mewtwo is now being voiced by a female. I might just revert back to watching the dub in hopes on a Dan Green voiceover...