Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The truth about the internet

Something good coming out of Newgrounds? Of course it can't do any better than four stars out of five, whereas these overly clichéd haunted house "games" chock full of jump scares and walls of text can beat that any time.

Thanks to dekupride for the tip.


  1. I personally already knew about this because retsupurae favorited the youtube version, but yeah, I'd say it's accurate especially that "bro" at the end. Seriously, If Pewdiepie actually wanted a real scare he'd visit his fanboys in real life not playing "horror" games.

  2. Super Smash Flash 1 is on Newgrounds, and it is...all right. Its sequels' demos far surpass it, but still...

    1. Sonic Shorts as well. The Sonic fan character clip has to be the funniest thing to ever come out of anything Sonic-related.

    2. You and I both know that the kids (being the actual age of a kid is optional; immaturity is not for those people) on the Internet cannot appreciate art. Well, as close to good art as some of us can make. The point still stands...