Monday, March 11, 2013

Megaman marathon extended

As of this writing, it's scheduled to last until 2 PM Eastern tomorrow (Tuesday), though I can pretty much guarantee it'll be pushed to the extreme limit of 7 PM. So feel free to drop by anytime until then!

What this means, though, is that you shouldn't expect any new videos from me until at least Wednesday, so there's no need to frantically refresh your subscription inbox!

Edit: Yep, this ends at 7 PM tomorrow.

Edit 2: Or not. Man, these auctions... By the way, no video tomorrow (Wednesday) either, especially since it seems all we're getting from CoroCoro this month is the Unnerve + Hurricane Mewtwo event.


  1. I hope that event Mewtwo that will be distributed with the movie will come to Anerica somehow. Unnerve is not the best Ability (especially if you like to stall for some reason) and Hurricane...will make Mewtwo more dependent on rain if used, but not much else. Still, a Mewtwo is a Mewtwo, the fourth best Pokemon in the game (unless Rayquaza or Palkia pass it)...

  2. Little off-topic tangent here... I'm starting to get really pissed off at people constantly begging Nintendo to re-release old Pokemon games on the Eshop. Seriously, they need to stop, there would be no point in doing that. Why can't they understand such a simple fact ?

    1. They are Genwunners, as Slow affectionately calls them. I do not really understand their troll logic, either. If they really want the old Pokemon games, they probably still have their Game Boys to play them on. If they want to save, then they could use emulation. That or they could learn how to enjoy the newer games. 'Tis naught but a friendly suggestion...