Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Eeveelution in the cards?

At this point it's purely speculation, but it's the best lead we have right now. From Pokébeach:

Pokemon's Twitter account posted this literally a minute ago. I totally said this on our Facebook page yesterday afternoon (:D), though it's possible Pokemon is very much aware of the fact that fans are speculating about a new Eeveelution and purposefully playing to this to trick us.

Trivia time! How many possible evolutions of Eevee are there?
Could they be hinting at a new Eeveelution in light of the announcement coming Tuesday? Ash is currently battling in the Unova League (in Japan) and one of the contenders, Virgil, owns an Eevee and all of its evolutions. Could we see his Eevee evolve into a new Eeveelution during the League? Blaziken was first introduced in the Johto League, after all. There have been many Eeveelution promotions these past few months, and the Genesect movie is also going to feature an Eevee mini-movie, so could this all be leading to a new Eeveelution or is this all just a happy coincidence? I don't know for sure, but it's all just a tad too convenient to not be leading up to something in my opinion...

Woohoo. I'm so thrilled. Fanboy squeals of delight over the most overrated of all evolutionary lines once again. (Quote from NicoCW:  I'm gonna be watching the news for areas that were flooded by semen.) I'd much rather have them make the three bad ones usable rather than make what will undoubtedly turn out to be a Dragon Eeveelution with the lack of coverage moves that's become the line's signature.

And yes, I know Pokébeach isn't the most trustworthy site ever, but there's nothing false at all about those signs...


  1. Again, Jolteon is the only one I really like. Hey, instead of giving Eevee a new evolution, do things to make us not the ones that are not Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, or Vaporeon. They will probably only spring up a few spaces, but they really DO need it. Granted, if they make a Dragon one, they would probably be, "Hm, we do not want him to be broken, so what should we give Drageon in terms of viable moves?"
    "Well, Dragon hits neutral to everything but Steel, so give him Outrage, Draco Meteor, and Dragon Pulse. We shall make him physical with a sucky special."
    "In terms of coverage, we shall give him Fire Blast, Focus Blast, and Earth Power. Wait, we gave Drageon a 50 Special Attack. Ah, who cares. They will use it due to its Base 120 Attack and base 90 Speed that everything seems to have, but we do not care. Throw in some useless moves like Aqua Jet, and we are in business!"
    I hope that the prediction was not right like how I was sort of right about Black and White Kyurem's Abilities...

  2. Although a new evolution of Eevee may be a bit overdone, it would make sense in a way. Discounting the 1st gen, when Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon were first introduced, it has been even numbered generations when new Eeveelutions were introduced.

    Gen 2 introduced Espeon and Umbreon
    Gen 3 introduced no Eeveelutions
    Gen 4 introduced Leafeon and Glaceon
    Gen 5 introduced no Eeveelutions

    If they are going to introduce more Eeveelutions, gen 6 would be the time to do it. Or maybe Evolutions to the Eeveelutions perhaps. It could be done without breaking them.

    1. Here's something to keep in mind, though: gens 3 and 5 introduced evolutions to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It's hardly an Eevee thing.

      Also, the Eeveelutions' BST is already very close to the unwritten cap on non-legendaries/pseudos. It wouldn't be as much a matter of breaking them, as it would be breaking an unwritten rule that could cause other Pokémon to go down the same road. It's the same reason why we haven't seen fourth members of evolutionary lines for garbage like Pidgeot, for example.

  3. I can't tell what I'd be less excited for, a new eeveelution or another bloody Pikachu event.

    A dragon type eeveelution sounds great on paper, but it never would work. They can try to make it balanced, but ultimately it will suffer from dragon's lack of coverage against other types. If it's announced, I would at least like to see a partner (Slow has suggested a ground type) to it.

  4. I always hate how these sort of announcements are made in the morning in Japan, meaning us poor Brits get it at 11 PM. Now I don't know about you, but I don't want to stay up till 11 PM to see the announcement, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow morning. Never mind, it's definitely a worthwhile price to pay for a major announcement like this (it happened with the Unova Starter's English Name announcement too).

    1. Oops, just found out it was 11 AM, not PM. That's even worse, as I'll be at school tomorrow and I'll have access to the internet from 10 AM to 11 AM, meaning I will just miss the announcement. :(

      In that case I'll have to wait all the way to 4PM instead. :(

  5. Somehow I doubt they will only announce new eeveelution(s) if it's worldwide. It's probably something more important as well as new pokemon. Besides it's hard to imagine gamefreak or nintendo rambling on one or even ten new pokemon for 10 minutes. I think (and hope) they have more to announce than just that.

    1. The clincher is that they gave us a specific time, AND Iwata is going to be the one doing the announcement. Anything less than the gen 6 games themselves would be a letdown at this point.

  6. I'll be waking up around 6:30 so I'll miss the announcement but can look at serebii or pokebeach about the announcement

  7. Geez, could you be more snarky and (for a lack of better term) disrespectful about the whole eevelution thing?

    Sorry, but that kind of behavior is a BIG peeve of mine.