Monday, January 21, 2013

Happiness to play a bigger role in gen 6?

At least that's what Junichi Masuda is hinting at in his latest blog entry. And you know, this has the potential to be a great idea, if only because happiness has been around since gen 2, and it's never done anything aside from some evolutions and the power of Return and Frustration.

Now to know what that mechanic actually is...


  1. Hopefully, the mechanic does not suck...

  2. If happiness is going to get an overhaul, I have a suspicion that it will mean a much larger scale overhaul in the mechanics so Happiness will do more than just evolve and power up two moves.

  3. I'm certainly hoping it won't be something that forces grinding for happiness, at least not within our current system for it. I'm the type of person who will raise happiness exclusively by walking if I want to use an evolution on an in-game team, so I can have the evolved form at level 2.

  4. I've been racking my brain thinking of ways how happiness could have a major upgrade and I only really have one. It could be that the more your pokemon doesn't like you, the more likely it would not obey you and do nothing for the turn. It probably wouldn't do anything to online play but it could hurt a casual player.

  5. Maybe the more happy it is, the more crits it will make (as OP as it sounds, though maybe it can be only for casual play, and not online play, as critical hit items may get banned) and the less happy it is, the more times it does not obey you. Maybe, also, what about Pokémon evolving when they are unhappy (say, 0-50).

    1. Or maybe EV gain is altered by happiness? That's what's been going through my mind lately.