Monday, December 3, 2012

Great trick for defending borders in Conquest

Not enough warriors to defend all your borders? Or are they too weak after the Gabite Officer did a number on your chances? Well, here's something that could be useful (in fact I'm abusing it like you wouldn't believe in the ninja competition episodes).

First, make sure Avia is among your bordering kingdoms. Defend the rest of them with the best forces you have, then put your weakest floater in Avia, alone. The AI will naturally be drawn to that kingdom, and will send one solitary warrior there. If their Pokémon isn't a floater, you've already won. If it is... to be honest, I've never tried playing ring-around-the-rosie all over the map to avoid coming close to the opponent, but if I have to attempt it I'll let you know how it goes.

The idea, in the event that you're not facing a floater, is to send yours straight to the top left island of the map. It's completely impossible for anything that doesn't float to actually STOP on that island, since whichever spring pads send you there immediately put you on another spring pad. Just stall out the 20 turns, watching the AI desperately try to get to you and failing miserably, and you've won.

Now, I'm not sure how reliable that method is when you share borders with several AI armies. Can you get invaded more than once per turn? It's never happened to me at all, so I'm not sure. Nonetheless, the point of this post was to give you a basic idea of the trick. Deeper intricacies are something you may have to find out for yourselves.


  1. Too late. Mitsuhide's campaign, conquered everything up to Illusio and Terrera. See Unique Warlord available to recruit in Illusio so I spent my turn getting him. Used Terrera to conquer Pugilis and then I stationned the rest of my "strongest" warriors in Terrera whose combined strenght was barely higher than Nobunaga's bests. (I was actually VERY unlucky during this campaign... barely had any Warriors to recruit and few of them were those I had in a previous game... but at least the AI had been atrocious so far)

    Then guess who showed up ? That a**hole of a Gabite Officer. Of course, I had saved after oblilirating Pugilis, so it was already too late. I rage-quitted after losing, but it's unavoidable, as soon as I decide to play again, I'll have to take the loss of Terrera... Or maybe simply restart the whole campaign... Because I'm already playing my third year in the month of February... I'm running out of time, dammit !

    This game hates me. It even taunted me three times with Swarm Pokemon I really needed, but currently had no access to the kingdoms where the swarm was taking place.

    1. Tell me about it. I got a Sneasel swarm yesterday, but Kunoichi isn't in my army.

      And yeah, Mitsuhide's episode is the hardest one I've done so far. I made it to Illusio and Terrera at about the beginning of the second year, so when the Gabite Officer showed up I still had plenty of time.

    2. I cheated a little bit with Beldum. Since there had been already 3 freaking swarms for these things, one been at Illusio while it was under my control, but didn't have Tadakatsu, or any other Warrior that could have found some use from it except maybe Kenshin (But seriously, once I get Mewtwo for him, coverage will probably become irrelevant), then 2 other times in Valora before I even could conquer it, and all in the same campaign (More specifically, Hideyoshi's one), I decided to use a password, because seriously... And then, since the game had already been going on for so long, I could already get Dialga merely 5 months later, so it became irrelevant... Yay ?

      Then there's that slap in the face I received because I still lack a Drifloon to "evolve" No, but I never saw one... until the very first month of Mitsuhide's campaign, of course. I think I'm going to do this one later. That 3 Star difficulty rating is completely inaccurate...

    3. Why Drifloon? For Gallery completion, evolving Nouhime, or something else entirely?

    4. Oh, so Nouhime is her full name. But yeah, for her. Ironically, I once had one, but I forgot to use it once in battle before making it evolve...

  2. If I ever find myself in a bind I know what to do. XD I'm right now trying to get all the legendaries I just need registeel, terrakion (how the hell am I going to get that thing even with the special episode) and of course rayquaza. I also need a few junior warrior campaigns as well as a few warlord evolutions.