Sunday, December 30, 2012

911 is for emergencies = rocket science

Here's a good (or bad, depending on your point of view) one to end the year on. The police department of Chatham-Kent, Ontario published a countdown of the top 12 silliest calls this year. Holy crap, taking these calls would be one job I wouldn't do. Now here's the scary part: this happened in one year, in one city where the population is barely over 100000 - and going downwards. Can we hope this means these people aren't breeding?

Here's the 2011 countdown as an added bonus. Enjoy!


  1. Not surprising to me. In a city of 100,000, I guarantee at least a couple thousand of those are always going to be stupid enough to call 911 for dumb reasons.

    1. "Oh, noes, I broke a nail!"
      "M'am, I know that the police will be coming over anyway because you called, but this number is for emergencies!"
      "But breaking one of my nails IS a real emergency!"
      "Is your life in danger because of it?"
      "Okay, time to rephrase. Will you die because of it?"
      "Um, define 'die'."
      "Ugh, will you go to sleep forever and never wake up due to your nail?"
      "Ugh, bloody idiot! Why do I have this airhead when I could be picking up for a REAL emergency?!"
      "But this IS a real emergency!"
      "I-bu-you-m-th-GAH! (angrish)"
      The sad thing is that some 911 calls here in America probably go like what I just satirized...

  2. I found the one about the cat eating a Whopper stupid than the one for #1 2012.

    Because, honestly, what kind of person calls the police because their cat ate a Whopper?!

  3. That video would probably have been funnier if they actually showed us the calls, but meh.

  4. By the way, have a happy new year, Slowflake.

  5. I don't know if you ever heard it, but on the radio, there was a publicity about something on T.V. and the setting is a guy calling 911 because he thought his wife had disappeared when she just had been watching the television for 2 whole days in their basement.

    What does it have to do with all of this ? The ad implies that calling 911 for nothing isn't a serious matter because the guy answering the call was all like "Meh, no problem, we get that a lot a this time of the year".