Saturday, November 3, 2012

You know, there are other sports than hockey.

Seems like our sport channels are getting desperate because of the NHL lock-out, where no end is in sight. RDS (the French Canadian counterpart of ESPN and TSN) has resorted to re-airing old hockey games, including some from the 1987 Canada Cup. And tonight they're re-airing game 7 of the Montreal vs. Boston playoff series from 2008.


You know, if you really want to show hockey, there ARE other leagues out there. Major junior hockey is still going on, as well as the AHL. Or better yet, how about showing other sports for a change? Even if I find oval circuits lame, there's NASCAR tonight... aren't there football games (CFL or NFL, doesn't matter) you could be airing as well? Nope, old hockey games. Because hockey. Hockey hockey hockey HOCKEY.


  1. What's this "Sport" word you speak of ? Oh, that thing brainwashed people like ?

    Seriously, once you've seen one hockey game, you've seen them all. After that, you should only be looking at the final scores unless you REALLY care about the players, their moves and their strategies. Pro Tip : Most people who watch hockey don't. They just want to see some fist-fights.

    1. Yeah, my mother does only watch hockey to see people legally beat the crap out of each other with sticks...

  2. I hate the lockout, BUT AHL season ticket holders like myself are getting some sick bang for their buck now. I saw Cody Hodgson with Rochester not too long ago, and our opening night saw Nino Niederreiter, Travis Hamonic, et al. with Bridgeport. For the record, Wilkes-Barre is the team I have seasons to, so as a Jet fan it was kinda hard when their farm team (St. John's) faced WB in the playoffs.

  3. I never got too much into watching or even following it, even thought it's quite easy even in Finland.
    I pay some attention to the SM-Liiga (translates into FM/FC-league... Finnish Masters/Champions league), since it seems more interesting to me, since fighting isn't really allowed.
    The SM-League uses the IIHF-rules, which differ in some aspects from those used in NHL...
    If you are curious, i'm sure there are plenty of videos on it in Youtube...