Thursday, November 22, 2012

Early MD3 info

- Only 138 Pokémon in the main story? Don't they ever learn? They seem to be mostly gen 5 Pokémon, but Croagunk, Bagon and Wooper are also in there among others.

- Pokémon not in your group level up along with those that are. Full mechanics are currently unknown. Do they gain full experience? Only up to a certain ceiling? Or a percentage? Who knows? Either way, this is really neat, as long as the game is balanced around that.

- One mission per visit to a dungeon... well, this sucks. The rewards better be good.

Edit, November 23, 7:41 AM EST:

- Money is capped at 9999, huh? Guess they really want you to spend... but seriously, FOUR DIGITS?

- Like in MD2, seems like there are quite a few dungeons with only you and your partner. There are even some dungeons where you're completely alone. Ouch.


  1. One mission per visit. What the shit. 4 digit money cap. What the shit. 138 mons in the main story. WHAT. THE. SHIT.

    Chunsoft, whyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. What I'd like to know is: after the main story how many pokemon are in the game? All of them hopefully...

  3. I imagine after the main game you can get everything.

    But what's with the 9999 money cap? I never seem to have enough as it is, but now I won't be able to save? And then you have TMs like Ice Beam and Bullet Seed that take 8000 of those? WHAT THE FUCK. That and the 1 mission per dungeon thing... I used to spend ingame DAYS building up 6-8 missions to blow through a dungeon for massive rewards, but it seems I won't get to do that.

    Also, after the main game, there's a slew of partner only dungeons. Okay then. Hopefully my Fraxure will be strong enough.

    On the other hand to all of this, the new EXP system shows promise.