Sunday, September 23, 2012

New poll: which consoles do you own?

Last poll was about your anticipation for Mystery Dungeon 3, and the answers were pretty spread out, with 75 voters out of 187 absolutely tired of waiting for it. 46 are interested in buying it without being 100% sure, 21 aren't sold on it that much, and 45 just don't care. That's about the kind of results I was expecting, honestly.

Next poll is similar to a previous one, where I asked you which was your favorite home console. Now I'm asking, which ones do you own or have you owned in the past? Obviously I'm not including more niche ones like the Intellivision or the Jaguar, or ones before the 1983 game crash, because I don't want my blog to take a minute to load.


  1. The only consoles I have are the PS2 and the Wii, seeing as I've only been into gaming since 2004 (though my collection of handhelds is much bigger).

  2. Hotly anticipating being the only Slowflake follower to have owned a Sega Saturn. None of you may ever know the glory that was Panzer Dragoon Saga.

  3. I'm 20, and much of my childhood gaming was dictated by how much my parents wanted to buy me (which wasn't much, they hated video games). Until I graduated high school and were out from under their influence, I only had a PS2, a Gamecube and a Wii, but I've since added a PS3. I simply can't bother with anything Xbox, though, the only exclusive I even remotely care about is Tales of Vesperia.

  4. Since I'm impartial towards the whole video game console wars, I mainly own both Nintendo and Sony products that have been released since the mid 90's (think 64 and PS1 onwards).

    1. Fanboys are the one doing this stupid console war. Neutral gamers like us just let them do their thing, heck, as much as I'm disappointed with Microsoft now, I still once owned the original Xbox, and it would be stupid to be ashamed of wanting to try something new.

  5. I got a 360,psp, DS and thats it. Following you:D