Sunday, September 30, 2012

New poll: what if I was a money-grubber?

Last poll about consoles owned didn't have much room for surprises, with the obvious recent Nintendo consoles (including the Gamecube, not bad for a console that had 15% market share!) dominating:

(Out of 194 votes)
1. Nintendo Wii - 158
2. Nintendo Gamecube - 131
3. Sony Playstation 2 - 125
4. Nintendo 64 - 96
5. Sony Playstation - 88
6. Microsoft Xbox 360 - 75
7. Sony Playstation 3 - 71
8. SNES - 70
9. NES - 53
10. Sega Genesis - 40
11. Microsoft Xbox - 32
12. Sega Dreamcast - 25
13. Sega Master System - 13
14. Sega Saturn - 8

Okay, I lied, the Saturn being even less popular than the Master System was a bit of a shocker.

Today's question: how would you feel if I started monetizing my videos? Not that I'm thinking of doing so and want to test the waters, I just want to know how strongly you feel on that issue.


  1. At this point, I'd be quite disappointed, but only because you've made it extremely clear how opposed you are to doing so. Going back on your word now would make you a filthy hypocrite. I don't think I would mind as much if you hadn't already laid this out.

    1. ^ This.
      Pretty much summarize the feelings of many, I'm sure.

  2. I don't mind if you want to make some money off your hobby, so long as you don't autoplay videos on your channel page and you set it to open to the videos or playlists tab rather than activity.

  3. I don't consider it 'selling out'. I watch many partnered LPers who feel happier about LPing when they're making money off of it. I don't see anything wrong with it at all, and honestly I would love if you got something material back for the many, many hours of entertainment you brought us.

    I don't know about the whole losing free speech thing, though. I haven't ever heard of that happening to a partner, as far as I know they still have the ability to talk about anything.

    So while I love your commitment to your viewers, and we all feel the sense of community that brings, I wouldn't mind at all if you got paid for what you do. I would sit through advertisements to put some change in your pocket.

    1. It's less about *actually* losing the right to free speech and more about the irritating moral obligation to avoid biting the hand that feeds you. You're theoretically going to feel the need to avoid subjecting YouTube to diatribe if they're basically the reason there's food on your table. Or a pittance in your pocket, as the case may be. I guess there are brazen fuckwits out there that simply don't give a shit, but Slowflake has more integrity than that.

  4. Honestly, if you wanted to make money of your lets play videos, I wouldn't mind. I would be a bit peeved (hence my vote) because all you've said against it in the past. But you put work into you videos and I think that watching a short ad is a more than fair payment for being supplied an entertaining, intellectual, and informative video nearly every single day.

    Of course if you start producing crap content just for the sake of putting it on youtube and monetizing it then it would be instant un-sub for me. Unfortunately a majority of partnered youtubers do fall into the darkside of being loyal to the almighty dollar instead of being loyal to the userbase that got them to that point

  5. I'd be a bit annoyed, because first that would make your subscriber count explode, which would bring back all those trollish trolls who trolled your continuously trolled your videos throughout your Crystal and Emerald LPs. Plus, your LPs would be less like you doing it for your and our pleasure, but instead just for the money, and you would be happy to do anything to get the money.

    And also, I just couldn't resist - Happy 4th LPing Anniversary. There, I said it!

    1. I am simply astounded that of all the dates people remember, they choose to remember October 1st as my LPversary. Hope no one forgot about their girlfriend's birthday because of that... :)

    2. Ok, I have to admit that you made me laugh... a lot.

      I didn't even know to be honest and I don't have a girlfriend (YOU DON'T SAY ?!?). But yeah... it kinda takes me a whole month just to remember the name of any new friend I happen to get (completely by accident most of the time), so... maybe I'm a bad example.

  6. I would be a little disappointed if you started making money off your videos. First because of the trolls that will inevitably start trolling (as mentioned in the comment above). But I'd still trust that you'd upload the best product you can make so I'd be able to put up with the trolls and the advertisments. Oh and happy LPversary! :D

  7. I'd rather donate money than have you be partnered with Youtube. I watch you so much that I feel like I'm cheating you already, the commercials wouldn't bother me since I use an Adblocker. However, I feel like there is a purity to your channel that most other big LPers lack because you stay independent .