Friday, September 14, 2012

I might have to take up a new hobby.

I mean, look at this.

Console fanboys, I swear. Why do they go to such lengths to make fun of the systems they don't have? It's just not logical! Are they THAT insecure with their purchases? I wonder how they'll behave when they have to make a much bigger one. Like a car. Are they going to emulate Pastor Maldonado and just smack into everyone and everything that doesn't drive the same brand? I mean, there's not even a competition, we all know Ford cars are the best. :P But seriously, death threats over the announcement of a franchise moving to a rival console. I can't wrap my head around this. Then again, I should know better, because LeBron James got the same treatment when he moved to Miami (though I will admit King James handled the situation with the delicacy of a gangrape).

Of course, PC gamers aren't that much better. Of course, they don't really have much of a competition to knock on in their sector of the market (insert obligatory joke about Apple computers sucking for gaming), but that doesn't stop them from shooting on everything that moves. Now, everything's been said about Diablo 3, and I will concede that what the game looks like now is what it should've been at launch, but I have another pretty disheartening example coming from Blizzard's own ranks. The beta for Starcraft 2's first expansion, Heart of the Swarm, has just begun a week and a half ago. And people are getting just a bit too passionate about it and the new units it introduced. The Warhound and Swarm Host in particular are just wrecking balls in general. Now, remember what I said before? The beta is JUST STARTING, and people are already out for blood and asking for everyone's heads. This despite the fact that both the Warhound and Swarm Host were already nerfed a few days in (though clearly that was insufficient). Of course the gut instinct of a QA team can't match lots of games played by some of the best players in the world.

All in all, the negativity and "everything sucks" approach many people are taking towards gaming is making me discouraged about my fellow gamers. And the worst part is, I can totally imagine other media falling prey to the same thing. Like Justin Bieber getting death threats on a daily basis - for all that I like his music as much as most people on the internet, it's certainly excessive.

And yes, this is coming from someone who never misses an opportunity to criticize something. The difference is that I try to back up what I say instead of just throwing gratuitous insults to the universe. And now I have no idea how to end this, so I'll just let you dwell on that. Or maybe it's better that you don't, if you want to have a decent morning tomorrow.


  1. Why are people sending death threats? They do know that Platinum Games would be out of business and Bayoneta 2 wouldn't even be made if Nintendo didn't publish this right?

  2. What immature, demented freaks. I mean, all these XBox and PS3 fanboys think Nintendo suck because the Wii isn't HD, and when the Wii U's HD, they complain that a game is being released on the Wii U when it 'should' be released on the other consoles. If they want that game so much, then buy a f*cking Wii U!

  3. Sorry for the extra comment, but there are series that used to be Nintendo exclusives but moved over to other consoles - namely Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark, all Rare series. So with that logic, we have the right to send death threats to them, I guess.

    1. Don't forget the main Final Fantasy series after VI going to Sony/Microsoft as well.

    2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Did Square and Sony get death threats? I don't think so. Nintendo just goofed badly, insisting that N64 games should be on carts. They're fully responsible for the mess they created with third parties such as Square, and over 15 years later you can't really say they recovered, even if the Wii DID beat the 360 and PS3 in sales.

    3. In all seriousness, i admit that the Wii did beat PS3 and X360 in sales.
      What i'd like to know how ever is, how many of the owners of the Wii actually play with it...
      I got one for last christmas, and to be honest, in total i don't know if i have even 24 hours of playtime on the thing...
      I just never got used to the motion controls... I'm not saying it suck or anything, it's just that they didn't always even work properly on my tv...
      I have 21 or 23 inch BenQ monitor, and sometimes when playing Metrdoid Prime Wii version, it would get "stuck" on the edge of the screen, and Samus would just spin around until i shook the controller like crazy...

  4. As a Nintendo and Sony guy, this doesn't annoy me at all. I'm still a little pissed about Tales of Vesperia never making its way from the 360, though, at least overseas. Death threats, though? Anonymity is both the greatest and the worst aspect of the internet.

  5. Urgh... There are some days when humanity makes me wonder what the heck I am still doing here, living alongside with them. So much disrespect, so much egoism, so much intolerance, so much greed... I feel like throwing out my entire lunch.

    I know I'm not perfect myself, because I admit I have trouble showing some tolerance to those flaws myself, but still... They crossed the line and spat on it numerous time. This should not have been tolerated... heck, it should never have happened, I can't believe it.

    One of my best friends is a big Bayonetta fan and yet he was very interested in seeing what will Nintendo do with the franchise...

  6. With each post of yours on how stupid people are being, I lose more and more faith in humanity. I mean, honestly?! I do not want people to say something will suck unless they can travel to the future to see if it sucks. Then again, I am just one lone aspie on the Internet. Who would care to listen to me?...

  7. Ugh, I stopped gaming in the generation 6 era when I noticed that the gamecube... wasn't so hot. I mean, the quality wasn't low, it's just that for every game, it felt like nintendo was just going through the motions and adding a gimmick to try to make it stand out, instead of a revolution like it's preceding consoles were. And Apple Computers are really good hardware for gaming. It's just that so few game makers want to make games for it, because so few people have them anyway. Meh, go figure.

    Now it's just pokemon for me as far as modern games are concerned.