Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reminders for ongoing promotions

Since there are so many things going on at once in the promotion department, here's a quick list (remember, passwords are case-sensitive):

- First, there's the Munna C-Gear skin that's been available since the Global Link first launched internationally last year. It's available until October 25, and the password to obtain it is PGLDR34M. That's for non-Japanese audiences, if you have the Japanese version you can just obtain it by connecting to the Global Link - and probably have it already.

- This one's only for non-Japanese audiences, since the time has come and gone to get it in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is another early one - the Pikachu C-Gear skin (the decent-looking one, not the 2011 World Championship trash). The password is PikachuCGear, and it's available until the end of this month, so hurry up if you don't have it yet!

- Next, there's a Porygon2 doll for your Dream World house. It needs no password at all, you can get it as long as you enter the Dream World before September 27!

- The PorygonZ C-Gear skin is also available until September 27, and the password is PORYZCGEAR2012.

- Then there's a Porygon with its DW ability Analytic, once again available until September 27. The ability itself is nothing special, but hey, free rare stuff is always good! There are a lot of different passwords though... IGNPORYGON for North America, PORYEUROGAMERNET for the UK, PORYEUROGAMERES for Spain, PORYEUROGAMERFR for France, and PORYEUROGAMERDE for Germany. I'm not exactly sure of how to get it if you live somewhere else... if you do, try them all and tell me which one worked and where.

- Finally, there's a Crustle C-Gear skin that Japan got eons ago, and we finally get a crack at it! The password in North America, the UK and Australia is CRUSTLECGEAR2012, and the German password is CASTELLITHCGEAR2012. I'm not 100% sure, but the French, Spanish, etc. versions should probably use Crustle's name in their own language in the password instead, as is the case for Germany. Once again, feel free to update me, and I'll edit this post with any new passwords.

In addition, all five downloadable events in Pokémon Conquest are currently up for download, and will remain this way until the end of the year. These include:

- The ability to recruit Motonari and Motochika into your army in the main story. You need to have conquered both Greenleaf and Fontaine for that to happen, of course.

- Reshiram, which will appear in a special area in Ignis the next time April rolls around (in-game, obviously). You need to have conquered Ignis, and have Hideyoshi in your army, otherwise Reshiram won't appear. You don't need me to tell you this, but don't give Reshiram to anyone but Hideyoshi! (To be honest, I don't even know if anyone else can link with it to begin with.) Also, don't expect this to work in the main story, because Hideyoshi can't be recruited at all there.

- Ranmaru's special episode, where he ends up being caught up in a contest to crown Ransei's Greatest Beauty because he's pretty much a man in drag. You know, for kids!

- Keiji's special episode, where you have to have 100 individual Pokémon (not species, just Pokémon) in your army. Similar to the episodes for Ieyasu, Kanbei and Motonari.

- Okuni's special episode, which is part of the junior warlord arc featuring Kanetsugu, Yukimura, Tadakatsu, etc.


  1. This is not related to the passwords, but i recently got Samurai Warriors 2, and it seems that many of the characters, at least big and major ones like Nobunaga are from that line of games.

    1. As far as I know, Samurai Warriors and Nobunaga's Ambition are pretty much the same franchise, just different genres.