Friday, July 6, 2012

Shadow Tag Gothitelle obtainable via guidebook promotion

Serebii reported that a Pokédex-type guidebook released in Japan comes with a serial code that gives access to a Shadow Tag Gothorita through Global Link. BW2 has seen several huge changes with the metagame so far, but it just might be the biggest. The good news is that it's "just" Gothitelle, maybe they don't want to wreck the metagame THAT much with Chandelure just yet? Nonetheless, we finally have access to a Pokémon with a foolproof method of trapping that isn't gimmicky like Wobbuffet was. Is it going to break the game even though it's just Gothitelle, an otherwise negligeable Pokémon? We'll have to see about that...

It's only going to be available starting on August 9th, though, so enjoy your last month in a Shadow Tag-free metagame (let's face it, when was the last time you faced Wobbuffet in OU?).


  1. Gothitelle could make a pretty good jump. I doubt that Dugtrio would be OU without Arena Trap.

    1. Gothitelle also has something Dugtrio doesn't: STATS. Granted, the spread could be a lot better, which is why Chandelure is the one everyone fears, but I think we have an instant OU here.

    2. It seems like Gothitelle will end up with a temporary niche, as an ungimmicky trapper. At least until Chandelure gets Shadow Tag, which might warrant Uber status.

    3. Nah, prolly not Uber, I think it'll just be kinda like Scizor or something. Y'know stapled on every freaking team ever in OU.