Monday, June 18, 2012

NintendoCapriSun, what a class act

So they were auctioning Groudon's nickname in the Pokéthon, and NCS showed up out of nowhere and donated $444... to let whoever came in second nickname it. Instant classic right there. Of course, the neverending auction for Rayquaza back in 2008 is something we'll remember forever, but... wow. If I had this much money I could throw away on being a philanthropist, it probably wouldn't occur to me to do it like that.

This comes on the heels of yesterday's mad auction featuring none other than Kevin Pereira, who donated over two grand for a handmade Marill figurine AND STILL LOST. At this rate, reaching the $50000 goal will be done in a flash.


  1. Interestingly enough, his only job is being a partnered LPer, which he makes about $30,000/yr for (IIRC). It's not like he's rich, he just donates because he's genuinely a good person who wants to help out. That's one of the big reasons I like him.

  2. NCS is such a beast. He's like a Saint. As Shadian said, he doesn't make very much money at all, yet he gives so much to everyone else. Great guy. Even if his LPs were bad he's the one person I'd stay subbed to so he could get a little extra money.

  3. Slowflake, I don't know what your employment situation is like. But from what I can gather from watching your LPs is that you at least went to and graduated from University. You also write well and seem to be very observant and intelligent. Your job also sounds like a Science or Chemistry job. You can't be hurting for money like you say you are! You're not from Greece.

    Going back to NCS though. Hearing him speak you can tell he is a legit person. One of the reasons why I watch him is just because you can tell that is a nice guy.

    1. You'd be surprised at how much we're taxed in Quebec. We're the most taxed in North America, and if you drove on our roads for so much as a minute you'd know immediately how cost-effective our governments are. ;)

      But seriously, lab work isn't ALWAYS lucrative. Some jobs are very much so, but others are a lot less. It basically boils down to which sector you're working in, and typically the jobs that pay really well require much more experience than what I have.

  4. I'm so used to "what a class act" being used sarcastically I was shocked that here it was used in the genuine sense.

  5. I like NCS but his choice of games almost never appeals to me. Kevin Pereira is also for my money, one of the best tv show hosts ever. He's got the quickest witty response time out of anyone i know. It's a shame Directv doesn't have G4 that and comedy central were like the only channels i ever watched. That Gengar wallet they raffled off was really sexy too.