Thursday, June 28, 2012


Need I say more? I'm afraid of kangaroos, I'm moving to Australia!



    I'm sorry, I know "writing your laugh" is the most pointless thing to do, but how the heck is this supposed to be taken seriously ? x)

    Oh god, this is so ironic that I think I'm going to cry out of laughter.

    Thanks for sharing, this really made my whole day !

  2. I hate elitists! I'm moving to marriland!

  3. Just reading these posts makes me want to move to Canada. (jk of course, that's where all these people might end up!) But seriously, I'm all for these people moving out of my country. I mean, I can't get mad at a mechanism for making the US less ignorant on average!

  4. Lol reminds me of Sorry idk how to hyperlink.

  5. I would pay good money to have someone with a video camera follow these people as they migrate to Canada and catch their reactions when they learn how socialist it is there XD

    But then again, how many of them can even find Canada on a map? They may honestly be thinking of a different country...

    1. I dunno, maybe they think because we have a Bible Belt-grade dinosaur as prime minister it means we all think like him?

  6. Not the 'roos you have to worry about but the snakes and spiders here in Australia. Especial the spiders that eat snakes.

  7. I am clinically anti-social; I am moving to Germany!...

  8. It just shows how ignorant they are, really. These are the same people who are so America-centric that they don't even know what their closest neighbor is like. Canada is one of THE most socialist countries in the world, and I think it's something you guys should be proud of. Goddamn, I am so envious of universal health care.