Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June CoroCoro round-up

I think we've all already seen what's in there, so I'll just point out things where I have something to say. First of all, the item that enables the genies' form changes, the Reflecting Mirror, is only obtained once you've already found one of the genies in the Dream Radar, meaning the new forms are completely off-limits for anyone who doesn't have it, just like I expected. That Dream Radar has got to sell somehow, right?

In addition, the genies' new forms have had their abilities revealed, since no, they don't keep their old ones. Tornadus has Regenerator, Thundurus has Volt Absorb, and Landorus has Intimidate. Three solid abilities, but they're still a downgrade from the old ones. The reason why Thundurus and Landorus were so good was the presence of Prankster and Sand Force, so this new form of Thundurus may not follow its big brother in ubers.

Next, we have Kyurem's new forms' acquisition of Turboblaze and Teravolt. All I can say is, it's better than Pressure... too bad it's still stuck with that horrible, horrible typing. I'm eagerly waiting for the stat spreads, though I have a hunch it's just going to be 20 more points in Attack for Black Kyurem, and 20 more points in Special Attack for White Kyurem.

That would still be better than Keldeo's Resolution form, though. LAZIEST FORM CHANGE EVER. I've heard a few people suggest that it symbolizes the evolution of the d'Artagnan character in the Three Musketeers trilogy, but I call BS. They were just lazy.

Black City and White Forest return. Here's to hoping it's handled better this time around, in the first game you had to rush through the game to get there before it was deserted.

Finally, Sing Piplup will be BW2's first Wi-Fi distribution. Prepare for Empoleon's glorious return to OU! NOT.


  1. I've got to admit, I thought there was some potential in Keldeo's Resolution Forme, but nope, it's just normal Keldeo but with different coloured feathers in its hair, and a different horn.

    Anyway, what were your thoughts on that BW2 anime trailer that came out a few weeks ago (because I don't think you've ever mentioned it)?

  2. I lol'd when I read the kyurem forms get turboblaze and terravolt. Umm, okay, cool... but they're both the same ability XD

    Since the genies stats are supposedly getting pumped up into super-specialization, it looks like giving them inferior abilities is a balancing act of sorts. Thunderus has mammoth special attack in this form, but no more prankster.

    What is this about Black city and White forest getting deserted? You mean there were more houses there if I beat the game in less than the six months I took my time to do so? D=
    Well, crud. =/

    1. Yes. It's pretty unforgiving and poorly designed. Don't expect to see much of White Forest in the LP!

    2. I almost can't wait to see how crappy my White Forest will be. It's been 14 months and I still have not finished my game (wow, I totally forgot about this game when I was at college). Actually, I might as well just start over at this point.

  3. It's gained through Sacred Sword - so it's like D'Artagnan has gone from being a sidekick to a proper Musketeer!