Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick question about replies to blog comments

I would just like to know, do you get notified when someone replies to your comments whenever you leave one on a Blogger blog? I have no idea, and so I'd like to know if people actually know whether I (or anyone else, for that matter) replied to their comments when they make one.

Edit: Apparently not. Thanks for the info!


  1. Not really, but maybe there's an option to get a Email notification, I didn't really check. I just look here once per day during the week and a few times during the weekend to take a look on all the websites I have an account on one at a time when I'm really bored, which happens quite often. If there's no new blog post, I just check the latest comments and then immediately go on the next website unless I feel like replying or something.

  2. nope i dun get any notification about his blog as such i have to check manually

  3. You have to choose the "Subscribe by E-Mail" button for every post you comment on...