Sunday, March 4, 2012

DW ability poll results + new poll

Turns out my hunch was right on the money, as Imposter Ditto took the cake with 132 votes out of 233. Second place was largely predictable as well, with Techniloom snagging 42 votes. Beyond that, though, the few remaining votes were largely split, with Ice Body Regice being the "best of the rest" at 10 votes. Well I didn't see that one coming, I'm not sold on Regice being a force ever again, even with Ice Body... though I guess people really are looking for something better than Walrein to use its signature set with. After that comes Moxie Heracross with 9 votes... I guess Guts is a filler ability for the most part, though it's not going to help with the choice of either average speed or being locked into one move.

Multiscale Lugia, the Pokémon I expected to finish third, maybe even challenge Breloom for second, had 8 votes, same as Sand Rush Sandslash, whose appeal comes from the fact that no one knows whether it can be a decent substitute for Excadrill or not. Regenerator Ho-Oh was next with seven votes, but I think everyone secretly wants it to come about, both because Ho-Oh NEEDS it to be anywhere near usable, and also because such a major improvement to a sun abuser will help slow down rain's stranglehold over ubers. Sheer Force Feraligatr, the Pokémon so good 4chan spreads hoaxes about it being banned, obtained six votes. Lightningrod Zapdos and Water Absorb Suicune collected four votes apiece, Unaware Clefable got two (c'mon, if Quagsire can do so well with Unaware, Clefable can at least do as good), and last place goes to Volt Absorb Raikou with a single, solitary vote.

With that said, here's a new poll for you: which is your favorite Eeveelution? To be honest, I never understood the generalized obsession with them, and was never as fond of them as most people, but Espeon is the #1 ragequit inducer in this game, so I have little choice but to throw it my vote.


  1. Vaporeon without a shadow of a doubt. That thing has saved my bacon so many times: competitively, it wasn't uncommon for my Vaporeon to just sit there and stall out their last couple of Pokémon with Wish/Protect/Toxic (and Surf when I could afford the turn), and in-game it does even better. It sponges hits like a pro, but also has the benefit of not having pitiful offences. Also, I think the design is the most original of the Eeveelutions (like you, they've never had the same appeal to me as they evidently do to others).

  2. Espeon. Magic Bounce is wonderful, and I've liked it since it came about in Gen 2. Glaceon is my second for the strongest Blizzard in the game, and its pleasing design.

  3. Since the poll is about which one is your FAVORITE and not necessarily the strongest, my vote goes to Flareon. This guy was my baddass Fire type while so many people were drooling over Charizard back in Gen 1.
    I know it's probably the worst eeveelution ever, but I don't care.
    I have to admit that Espeon comes in close second, though. (Probably a scar back from my past Red "fanboyishness")
    However, nowadays, as far as Fire types goes, I prefer Typhlosion and Chandelure. The others never had much appeal to me.

  4. Wow, I could not decide between Jolteon and Umbreon for favorite. I eventually settled on Umbreon just because. Weird, 'cause Jolteon is my favorite gen 1 Pokemon...

    Anyway, I am not sure why people like Ice Body Regice so much, apart maybe from an excuse to run Abomasnow in Ubers? Walrein has a sweet STAB Surf to work with as well as Super Fang. Meh, guess BoltBeam and ludicrous Special Defense win the day.

  5. Vaporeon for me. While I rarely use the defensive types in-game, they always have appealed to me a great deal. While Umbreon is another favorite, I like the water type and general look a lot more with Vaporeon, as well as the defensive move it has.

  6. I have no idea why I've always felt this way, because it's got a *very* simple design for a Legendary, but I've always *loved* Regice for some reason. Your recruiting one for your team in Emerald pleased me greatly. Anyway, I don't predict Ice Body helping it much, but I'm at least happy to see people haven't forgotten about the overgrown popsicle entirely, just because it's NU. Fucking typing...

    As for my favourite Eeveelution, that's a very difficult question to answer, if only because I tend to compartmentalise looks from usefulness. I personally think Leafeon is very underappreciated. My Leaf Blade / Swords Dance / Synthesis / Yawn one did some serious work when I played through Platinum for the first time. But then, Vaporeon is just amazing... And I have to wonder how many votes Espeon would have if we were still in Generation IV...

    I suppose I should shut up now and pick one.

  7. Umbreon gets my vote.

    I like it's look, I like it's stats (I currently have one with a Careful nature)

    It's probably my favourite dark type (though not neccessarily to use)

  8. Honestly, I love all of them. They just have a certain Charm to them.

    Notice I capitalized Charm. *trollface*